Strength       OO           Charisma           OO       Perception     OOO
Dexterity      OOOO         Manipulation       OOO      Intelligence   OOOO
Stamina        OO           Appearance         O        Wits           OOO

Alertness      OO           Animal Ken                  Academics      OO
Athletics      O            Crafts                      Computer       OOO
Awareness      O            Drive              O        Finance        O
Brawl                       Etiquette                   Investigation 
Empathy        O            Firearms                    Law           
Expression     O            Larceny                     Medicine      
Intimidation                Melee              OO       Occult         OOO
Leadership     O            Performance        OO       Politics       O
Streetwise                  Stealth            O        Science        O
Subterfuge     O            Survival                    Technology     OO

Contacts       O            Conscience         OOOO     Auspex         O
Fame           O            Self-Control       OOOO     Dominate       
Resources      OO           Courage            OO       Thaumaturgy    OOO
Allies         O            

Path of Blood
O     A Taste for Blood: Determine approximate vitae, Vampiric Generation and
      feeding time, and with 3+ successes if the subject has ever committed
OO    Blood Rage: Each success forces the subject to spend one blood point
      immediately in the fashion the caster desires, which must be logical.
      Each turn also raises the subject's difficulty to resist Frenzy by 1.
OOO   Blood of Potency: Each success allows the character to lower his
      Generation by one for an hour, or add one hour of duration to the effect.

      Illuminate the Trail of Prey:
               With a mental picture or name of the prey, their wake glows
               with brightness equivalent to the freshness of their tracks.
      Clinging of the Insect:
               The caster places a spider under his tongue, then may move along
               walls and ceiling at half normal speed. This effect persists for
               one scene.

      Eat Food: can eat food
      Early Riser: Huannity considered to be 10 for purposes of rest
      Efficient Digestion: Draw an additional blood point per two gained feeding
      Ambidextrous: Can take actions with 'wrong' hand with no penalty
      Acute Sight: Reduce difficulties for all sight-related rolls by two

Humanity       OOOOOOOO
Willpower      OO
Blood Pool     OOOOOOOOO
Blood Points   OOOOOOOOOO

Dodge          OO
Soak           O

               This katana is a work of art - literally. It's not meant to be 
               used for combat, but somehow, it works.
               Pure black trenchcoat. Lace on all the hems, of course - this
               looks suspiciously handmade.

XP 13
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