Radimir Tarasov

Name: Radimir Tarasov
Age: 17
Nationality: NERU
Appearance: Radimir is built like a soldier(most of his width is across the chest and shoulders), has short-cropped blonde hair so pale it verges on white and tends to wear plain army-green clothes. His only divergence from that style is occasionally camouflage-patterned clothes(he's not actually a soldier yet, but he plans to be) and sometimes a headband.
Personality: Radimir comes from a family of soldiers. His father's father's father, etc. have all been soldiers, but he is the only Newtype in his family. As soon as it turned out he had some whiggity powers, he was instantly enrolled in a NERU military school to make sure that he'd grow up with an undying loyalty to his nation and a devotion to discipline. They succeeded on both counts. Now he's a transfer student sent to APTO as a diplomatic gesture, and he's intent on showing these lazy trans-Atlantic suckers what a proper NERU soldier is made of. He's loudly patriotic, convinced of NERU's superiority and intent on maintaining perfect physical shape. He is also, however, a sucker for authority, which includes teachers, and will make any effort to impress them by being more disciplined and capable than his fellow students. Below the discipline, though, he's a relatively normal guy who just wants friends and likes to look at ladies, but he really does enjoy competition, friendly or otherwise.

140 of 200 points spent, +10 Experience CP's spent

Body: 6(+4 for PURE STRENGTH)
Mind: 4
Soul: 5

Base Combat Value: 5
Attack Combat Value: 5
Melee Combat Value: 7
Snow Fight Combat Value: 5
Ice Manacles Combat Value: 8
Knuckle Snowball Combat Value: 8
Defense Combat Value: 5
Melee Defense Value: 6

Damage Multiplier: 5
Melee Damage Multiplier:7
Health Points: 75/75
Energy Points: 45/45
Shock Value: 5

Unarmed Melee Damage: 21
Unarmed Melee Damage + Knuckle Snowball: 42
Chill Field Damage: 25(Ignores 24 points of Force Field, lowers victim's Body by 2)
Snow Fight Snowball: 40(Every 3 over the defender's roll adds another hit from Snow Fight Snowball)
Slippery Zone: 15(Soul or Body + Resistance vs TN 14 to avoid Incapacitation)
Ice Manacles: 25(Soul or Body + Resistance vs TN 14 to avoid Incapacitation, lowers victim's Body by 3)

Note on Drain Body: Every 4 points of Armor Rating(from Armor, Forcefield or Shield) reduces the stat drain by 1.

89 of 89 points spent(60 left over from Stats, 14 earned from Defects, +15 CP's from EXPERIENCE)

Combat Technique, Brutal(2/Level): 2 Levels, Brutal(2) Cost(4)
Melee Attack, Unarmed(3/level): 2 Levels, Cost(6)
Melee Defense, Unarmed(3/level): 1 Level, Cost(3)
Power Flux, Cold(5/level): 5 Levels, Cost(25)
Resistance(2/level): 1 Level, Cost(2)
Skill, Cultural Arts, History(1/level): 2 Level, Cost(2)
Skill, Languages(1/level): 1 Level, Russian/NERUssian Cost(1)
Skill, Medical, First Aid(2/level): 1 Level, Cost(2)
Skill, Military Sciences, Tactics(2/level): 1 Level, Cost(2)
Skill, Performing Arts, Drumming(1/level): 3 Levels, Cost(3)
Skill, Physical Sciences, Physics + Mathematics + Chemistry + Astronomy + Geology(1/level): 2 Levels, Cost(2+2 for specialties)
Skill, Sports, Basketball + Ice Hockey + Swimming(1/level): 2 Levels, Cost(2+1 for specialties)
Skill, Stealth, Camouflage(3/level): 1 Level, Cost(3)
Special Defense(2/level): 5 Levels (Freezing Cold, Freezing Water, Lack of Food, Lack of Water, Sleep), Cost(10)
Superstrength(8/level): 2 Level, Cost(16)
Tough(2/level): 4 Levels, Cost(8)

14 points earned for Attributes

Achilles Heel, Common(-6 points): Heat, fire
Ism(-4 points): NERU citizen
Owned(-4 points): Under supervision by NERU diplomats

Power Flux, Cold
20 points to spend

Chill Field: Weapon 4(Aura, Piercing 3, Selective, Area 4(30m Radius), Drain Body 2). Radimir freezes the hell out of everything around him, but can choose to spare anyone he cares about from the worst of it. Besides hurting people with intense cold, it also saps their physical strength and makes their limbs stiff and hard to move. 19 points total.

Snow Fight!: Weapon 5(Range 2, Muscle, Autofire). When using Snow Fight, Radimir instantly chills nearby air moisture, causing it to precipitate as hard-packed snow. This is used to give him a pile of hard, icy snowballs he can hurl at people or things. 14 points total.

Snow Blindness: Sensory Block 3(Sight, Hearing, Smell, Area 5, Range 2), Deplete(-3 points, expend 1 energy every 1 minute), Activation(-2 points, must spend a round preparing to use the power before using it). Radimir creates a snow-storm, a whipping, blinding, howling storm of snow flakes. It prevents anyone from seeing, hearing or smelling anything. 14 points total.

Slippery Zone: Weapon 2(Incapacitate 5, Stun). Radimir ices over the ground in an area, making it impossible to walk or run through it without risking slipping. Anyone who slips is down for a while as they try to get up again, and they're also very likely to catch themselves a nasty crack as they go down(Soul or Body + Resistance vs TN 14 to avoid Incapacitation). 10 points total.

Ice Dome/Sphere: Force Field 4(Area 4, Range 3, Air-Tight, Both Directions, Offensive). Forms an impenetrable sphere(or dome, on the ground) of ice around something to help protect it, though whoever or whatever's protected can't get out of it unless they smash their way out or Radimir lets the ice melt. Might have unpleasant results if used on something flying at speed. 20 points total, 12 Armor

Knuckle Snowball: Weapon 5(Stun, Muscle, Accurate 1), Melee Defense 2. Radimir surrounds his hands and feet with hard shells of ice and snow, permitting him to deliver brutal attacks and use his hands and feet to deflect attacks more effectively. 18 points total.

Ice Manacles: Weapon 4(Accurate 3, Incapacitate 5, Range 3, Drain Body 3). A beam of utter cold that leaves the victim's hands and feet encased in frozen water, possibly leaving them unable to move, but at the very least making them a lot slower. Of course the intense cold is also likely to cause frostbite and so on(Soul or Body + Resistance vs TN 14 to avoid Incapacitation). 20 points total.

Cooldown: Enviromental Influence 3: Cold, Snow, Wind(Basically permits Radimir to make it snow a bit, cool down things around him, conjure up a chill wind, etc.). 6 points total.

Cold Carapace: Armor 1 to 10(+2 to +20 damage soaking). Radimir freezes air moisture into a hardened carapace to serve much like body armor, to anyone else it'd be ridiculously uncomfortable, but Radimir barely notices cold. 2 to 20 points total.

Generic Ice Blast: Weapon 5(Range 2, Accurate 2, Muscle). 16 points. 39 damage. +6 attack modifier.


+25 CP's, 25/25 Spent

+1 Superstrength, 8 CP's
+1 Cultural Arts, 1 CP
+2 Specializations for Physical Sciences, 1 CP
+1 Tough, 2 CP's
+3 Performing Arts, Drumming, 3 CP
+1 Soul, 10 CP


Type: Item
Points: 208 of 208 spent, 40 from Defects, halved by Item, total cost: 84
Appearance: Compared to APTO mecha the NeruMech is short and stubby, its black chassis giving it a somewhat sinister appearance. It mostly appears to be made up of a wide and short torso with two short legs. It's four long, double-jointed arms unfold from its back and have surprising strength. Originally being a mining mecha it carries no weapons but has ridiculous strength for pulling enemies apart and the speed to close with them rapidly in space.

While not particularly manoeuvrable, and therefore a very, very easy target, it can move like a flash in space. It's also reasonable at atmospheric flight, with its large fuel tanks and efficient engines giving it much longer in-flight time(both in space and in atmosphere) before it needs to refuel and cool down. Unfortunately its short legs are mostly there to help it get somewhere it can take off, as it has a rather slow gait.


Armour (Armour Rating 80; Health Points 80), Level: 40, Cost(80)
Features (GPS, Radio, Basic AI, Extra Capacity), Level: 4, Cost(4)
Flight (Can Hover, 100 kph, Recovery -1: 12 hours), Level: 3, Cost(23)
Land Speed (8 kph), Level: 1, Cost(2)
Spaceflight (100,000 kph; Recovery -1: 12 hour), Level: 4, Cost(7)
Special Defence (Freezing Cold 2, Lack of Air 2, Low Pressures 2), Level: 6, Cost(12)
Melee Attack (Unarmed), Level: 2, Cost(6)
Extra Arms (2 extra arms) Level: 2, Cost(4)
Extra Action (1 Extra Action/Turn), Level: 1, Cost(15)
Superstrength (8 tonnes), Level: 4, Cost(32)
Supersense (Radar, 100km), Level 5, Cost(10)
Weapon (Mecha PUNCH!, Muscle), Level: 10, Cost(22)

Derived Stats

Base Combat Value: 4
Mecha Punch ACV: 8
DCV: 1

Mecha Punch Damage: 98

-8 Awkward Size (Size 2; 6 metres)
-2 Special Requirement (Frequent maintenance and fuel)
-30 Inept Defense 3(-3 DCV)

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