Listea the Monster Girl

Phase 1

Listea's birth and distant past is a mystery. She doesn't know who her mother or father were, why she's such a strange monster girl, or who nursed her to childhood; her memory starts on the dirty streets of Solthenia as a member of the street gang The Shamlegger Street Rude Boys, being declared an honorary "boy" on account of "havin' a tail and horn bits makes you too weird to be a girl." Plus she helped them beat up members of a rival street gang when they tried to harass her. When she got too old to officially stay as a member, she was given honorary status and began making her life as a thief, burglar, and pickpocket.

Phase 2


Listea the Monster Girl has become if not a famed thief then at least a known one by other thief circles; but her pride is challenged when a group of thieves dares her to join them in assauling the impenetrable House of Montgomerie! The robbery soon turns to utter chaos as nothing seems to go right, only for them to penetrate the house's inner vaults! Listea only barely manages to avoid the guard by dashing across the rooftops in a death defying acrobatic chase that finds her as the only escapee - and the only one carrying the loot!


Refresh: 7

Strange Monster Girl
Honorary Shamlegger Street Rude Boy
I Can Rob Anything!
Good At Running, Bad At Staying Still

Good (+3): Burglary
Fair (+2): Stealth, Sleight of Hand, Athletics
Average (+1): Melee Weapon, Fists, Alertness, Resources, Deceit, Investigation

Tail: The character has a powerful tail which can be used in an extra attack or manipulation action. You get a +1 Fists attack with the tail; any manipulations made with the tail are at a -1 (it can’t do fine manipulations - it can pick up a sword but not turn a key in a lock).
Mental Map:The character can visualize the whole of a target based on just a part of it. You get a +2 Burglary bonus when casing a location.
Acrobat:You can perform impressive acrobatic feats. Difficulties for complex manoeuvres (e.g., walking a tightrope, casting a complex spell while hanging from a rope) are reduced by two. Falling rolls gain a +2 bonus. When used acrobatically, your Athletics never restricts another skill, only complements it.


Physical: [] [] [] [] []
Composure: [] [] [] [] []

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