Finlay the Iron Chef

Freshly Baked!: The Hawthorp Bread Tournament

Finlay was born to wizard parents and received magical training at a young age, but it didn't take long for him to discover his true passion… cooking! After years of self-training, a teenage Finlay enters his home city Hawthorp's annual Adamantine Chef Tournament, hoping to use his magical talents to bake Hawthorp's first national bread! Can a young, naive protagonist with pluck and determination apprenticed in a little-known bakery win a series of cooking duels against the Bordeannic League's finest cooks?!


Finlay the Iron Chef In… The Daleslaw Cup!

Having succeeded in the Adamantine Chef tournament, Finlay travels to distant Guleteiz to compete in the Daleslaw Cup! This year, the fabulous prize includes a job offer: being the beautiful Princess Angelica's personal cook! Mallody competes with his fellow chefs and almost loses to his main rival, the sorceress and pastry-master Coffee Delacroix, before discovering the true villains: King Yellow, evil wizard and high priest of the cult of the demon Democrumpton, has infiltrated the tournament and aims to put everyone under his control with his evil cheesecakes!

After a cooking duel which destroys several city blocks, Finlay defeats King with his finally-perfected Displacer Beast Surprise! The battle teaches Finlay an important life lesson: always explore new horizons, always look for more ingredients, and never stop learning! With that in mind he takes the main prize but passes the job to Coffee, who could use the practice, and sets off into the sunset for a new adventure!


Refresh: 7

Alchemy Is Magic For Practical People
Philosopher's Scone
Determination Is The Spice Of Life
Sucker for a Pretty Face

Good (+3): Alchemy
Fair (+2): Art, Empathy, Resources
Average (+1): Elements (Fire), Healing, Rapport, Resolve, Science, Telekinesis

Potion: Finlay can make potions with three advances in half a day (before time bonuses).
Here's One I Prepared Earlier: Finlay has an undefined magical foodstuff with two improvements. Once per adventure, Finlay can "reveal" the item and assign improvements as needed.
Master Chef: Finlay is widely recognised as a fine magical chef (though he has not surpassed the world's greatest chefs just yet). He receives a +1 knowledge bonus in the realm of magical foods and drinks (including potions) and a +1 skill bonus to preparing exotic, magical meals. He can produce meals one time increment faster than normal.

Alchemical Kitchen (+0)
Cooking Utensils
Club (Frying Pan)

Physical: [] [] [] [] []
Composure: [] [] [] [] []

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