Rashida S Diary

First Entry

Date Unknown

'Twas night in the crypt,
and a vampire there came,
Who opened the gate
of the dead ones;
She bade the best servant
of the walking dead
To walk with her
and so it came to be.

Second Entry

Date Unknown

Amid the peaks,
of ice and cold.
Walked four heroes,
two dead, two living.
Helene, bright and brave,
leading with wisdom.
Rashida, devoted servant,
always at Helene's side.

Ayeya, from far-off lands,
born anew each dawn.
Rose, of love and peace,
had best keep her hands.
Away from my adorable,
pure and awesome, boss.
Into the dawn they walked,
seeking glory.

Third Entry

Date Unknown

Frozen bones did,
bar their path.
Frozen bones were,
broken swiftly.
Seeking villains,
they strode far.
Never tiring,
in service of fate.

Raiders, ice and
things once dead.
Did not long,
block their road.
Upon the lake they saw,
dead sirens.
Beckoned forth,
they braved the ice.

With wit and brilliance,
they bore the day.
By Ayeya's mind,
they braved.
The perils of the,
"Tea Party."
Rashida wondered,
if fate hated her.

Fourth Entry

Date Unknown

Long travels past,
the barony was reached.
Heart of darkness,
seat of evil.
Rose and Rashida,
had guarded their bodies.
Helene and Ayeya,
had overcome riddles.

With grace and brilliance,
Helene did open gates.
Forth they went,
and there they did meet.
The foul Baroness,
selfish thing.
Born of,
unspeakable ways.

Words were blunt,
and blades were sharp.
The baroness would not,
retreat from speech.
Her guards were slain,
by Rashida's hand.
Her body was broken,
by Helene's brilliance.

Victory won,
the selfish thing fled.
But where in this fight,
was Rose.
The valorous,
warrior of love?
She was breaking,
other barriers.

Amid screaming women,
and a drunkard Rose.
A new villain showed itself,
only seen by Rashida.
Whim, darkest of all,
Whim, stealer of Helene.
Whim, betrayer and thief,
Whim, Whim, Whim.

But there was also,
a glorious dawn.
For Rashida had,
been granted a vision.
She knew what she,
must see done.
Helene and Ayeya,
would be adorable together.

Fifth Entry

Date Unknown

Forth went the four,
with lands now claimed.
New journeys were found,
once more into ice.
Up hill,
down valley.
Brave Rashida forged,
a path for others.

Trees were guarded,
by walking dead.
Crushed they were,
by the enfolding ice.
Helene was guarded,
by her loyal servant.
But noticed only,
Treacherous Whim.

Oppression gripped,
the forest bleak.
Ladies of the leaf,
under the shadow of smoke.
Never fearing,
never stumbling.
Forth went the four,
to save the maidens.

Feathers flew and barriers fell,
as Rose and Ayeya smote.
The Overseer raged,
swords and fists swung.
But in the end,
the day was won.
Overseer fell, Helene stood,
and claimed another domain.

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