Reginald Oto-Bereda

Reginald Oto-Bereda

Age: 41
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 104 kg
Gender: Male
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue

Description: Tall and rather disquieting in appearance ever since the Second Shivan War, Reginald is unmistakeable due to his obvious burn scars and thousand yard stare.

Background: Reginald enlisted in the GTVA fleet at 19, and fought in the Second Shivan War, suffering grevious burns in the final stages of the war. Now that he is out of the hospital, though still plagued by numerous psychological issues, he has been reassigned to a new unit to ease him back into a pilot's life, as he did not opt to take an early retirement, saying "There's no place left dirtside for a guy like me."



Body 4
Mind 4
Soul 4

Derived Values

ACV1 4 // - //
DCV2 4 // - //
DM3 5
HP4 55
EP5 40
SV6 11

Attributes, Skills, and Defects

Attribute Level Effect
Heightened Awareness 2 Reginald has developed extremely good spacial acuity and general awareness as a result of his experiences in the military.
Ranged Defense (Primaries) 5 +5 to DCV against primary weapons.
Ranged Defense (Secondaries) 1 +1 to DCV against secondary weapons.
Ranged Attack(Primary Weapons) 3 Reginald handles any fighter or bomber based direct-fire weaponry with skill few can match.(+3 to ACV when using primary weapons)
Ranged Attack(Secondary Weapons) 2 Reginald's campaign experiences has left him skilled with nearly every GTVA missile and bomb.(+2 to ACV when using secondary weapons)
Combat Technique (Extended Range) 1 Characters with this technique can double the effective, medium, and long ranges(in metres) of ranged weapons.
Combat Technique (Lightning Reflexes) 1 This Character reacts quickly in combat and frequently outmanuvers opponents. This provides a +3 to initiative rolls.
Combat Technique (Steady Hand) 1 This is the ability to use attack combat skills with ease while moving quickly or otherwise engaged in complex manuvers. This greatly reduces the penalties a character normally suffers for attacking while in motion. All penalties are reduced one grade. A character with this ability may aim while moving.
Tough 3 One doesn't survive 83% burns without a particular force of will and strength of body
Skill Level Relevant Stat Stat
Piloting (Fighters) 2 Average of Body and Mind 4
Computers (Electronic Warfare) 4 Mind 4
Mechanics (Fighters) 2 Mind(Somtimes Body) 4 (4)
Electonics (Sensors) 4 Mind 4
Navigation (Space) 1 Mind 4
Military Sciences (Tactics) 3 Mind 4
Administration (Military Affairs) 1 Mind 4
Area Knowledge (Terran Territory) 2 Mind 4
Medical (Emergency Response) 2 Mind (Sometimes Body) 4 (4)
Forgery (Electronic Documents) 2 Mind 4


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