Relevant Non Player Characters

Father Andrew and the Church of Anwaykay: White-clad priests whose whole symbol is a silver goblet, they seem to worship the dark deity Anwaykay who usurps local priesthoods and replaces them with cults of hedonistic pleasure. Those who partake of said pleasures lose their souls to the Yugoloths and Anwaykay if no group of champions defeats the local chapter of the Church in a game of Skullbowl at the end of the festivities. Taking part, however, risks the souls of the champions as well.

Luggriberg and Ilsenstein: Illithid lawyer company representing Grimalda in the case of her vs Aran Thaysson

Aran Thaysson: Red Wizard, goatee, robe, arrogant. The party's helped him bump off his brother-in-law Nichodemus and, he thinks, his wife Grimalda.

Nichodemus Zult: Grimalda's useless brother, Aran's brother-in-law, currently a single Trollish eye in a jar in Katrin's packs. Probably not very happy about his situation.

Fentan and Ilsenstein Holdings Company: Headquartered in Waterdeep, currently administrates the title deed to Castle Fezzwick which Katrin claims she's the rightful heiress to.

Grover Fentan: Halfling, Katrin's former partner, clever little sucker, good with disguises and theater, little memorable about his appearance but has a habit of showing up where the party are to make money off of stuff.

The Wastrilith: Terrible oceanic Tanar'ri, freed by the party in exchange for magical junk. This may or may not turn out to have been a good idea. Basically like some sort of huge moray eel with little arms and a bad disposition.

The Church of Torm, Torm's Mercy Division: Kind of dropped the ball on avoiding daemonic insurgencies. May be hoping that Jorus & Crew drown in the Sea of Moving Ice so no one tells the main branch of the Church. Currently lacking their divine magic for a while.

The Church of Torm, Main Branch: Incredible suckers who gave Katrin, of all people, permission to just "put it on their tab." Probably hiring their own lawyers around this point.

Blackwort, Bane of the Unliving: Lich, runs a dungeon. Has invited the adventurers to attempt the DREAD of BLACKWORT'S IMPENETRABLE LAIR once he gets done renovating it. Somewhat delayed because Karin made off with a bunch of his non-union kobold labour.

The Juggoblins: Worship "dark jesters" and praise the concept of some sort of future carnival. Also slightly murderous and very dumb, addicted to sugary, brightly-coloured syrup that grants sight into the Ether and a wicked buzz. Some of them appear to have found employ as sailors ever since the party murdered the avatars of their dark deities quite by coincidence.

Keneloke Drudd: Great-granddaughter of the original Baron Drudd who owned it. Unpleasant, scarred, violent, likes to wield big weapons and beat people to bits with them. Currently employed as an elite guard by the party, this may or may not turn out to be a good idea.

Malisa Drudd: Great-granddaughter of Baron Drudd. Follower of Oghma, bit of a bookish nerd, completely terrified of her older sister.

Valthalas Fezzwick: Elf, former owner of Castle Fezzwick. Now apparently Katrin's uncle. May have worshipped dark demonic forces.

Malena Tatana: Older priestess of Kelemvor, one of Jorus' educators when he was still learning the ropes of his profession.

Lord Espar, of South Harbor: Cormyrian lord whose home was a victim of the Magelemental, The Mage's brightly coloured and apparently quite dangerous enchanted clone.

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