Renzo Marcelino

Name: Renzo Marcelino
Race: Extaminaar
Class: 4 Scout!
Alignment: CHAOTIC NEUTRAL! Renzo isn't a bad person, just a bit of an absent-minded, self-centered fop. He's more concerned with showing off and reminding everyone what a badass he is than anything else.
Appearance: Renzo tends to dress in muted, but noticeable colours, dark greens, dark reds and dark purples in particular. He favours the elaborate, broad-chested, shoulder-padded clothes that humans wear, and has a fondness for hats with plumes in them besides. The shoulder pads are mostly to hide the fact that he's kind of scrawny under the clothes. His features are angular, his hair dark and he's almost always smiling or grinning, to complement his hair, he has a moustache that he takes very seriously. Yuan-ti sorcerers are still baffled at the fact that both his moustache and cravat are somehow enchanted.


Strength: 6(-2)
Dexterity: 20(+5), Boosted by +2 by the Cravat of Complexity!
Constitution: 11(0)
Intelligence: 16(+3)
Wisdom: 14(+2)
Charisma: 16(+3)

Hit Points: 32
Armor Class: 10+5(DEX)+5+2 = 21
Initiative: 5(DEX)+1 = +6
BAB: +3
BAB Ranged: +8
BAB Melee: +1
BAB Ranged(Masterwork Flintlock Pistols): +9
BAB Ranged("Thunderbolt"): +10

Damage(Scorch): 1d10+1d6 FIRE, x3 crit, 19-20 range
Damage(Freeze): 1d10+1d6 ICY, x3 crit, 19-20 range
Damage(Thunderbolt): 1d12+1+1d6 ELECTRO, x3 crit, 19-20 range

REF Save: +4(Class) +5(Stat) = +9
FORT Save: +1(Class) +0(Stat) = +1
WILL Save: +1(Class) +2(Stat) = +3


Total points earned: 44(1st level, 11*4) + 33 (2nd, 3rd, 4th: 11*3) = 77 points
Points spent:
Max Skill Rank: 7

Balance, Dex(Class): 7(points spent) + 5(stat) = +12
Climb, Str(Class): 7(points spent) - 2(stat) = +5
Bluff, Cha(Non-Class): 7(points spent) + 3(stat) = +6
Diplomacy, Cha(Non-Class): 7(points spent) + 3(stat) = +6
Escape Artist, Dex(Class): 7(points spent) + 5(stat) = +12
Listen, Wis(Class): 7(points spent) + 3(stat) = +10
Search, Int(Class): 7(points spent) + 3(stat) = +10
Sense Motive, Wis(Class): 7(points spent) + 3(stat) = +10
Speak Language, N/A(Class): 7(points spent)
Spot, Wis(Class): 7(points spent) + 3(stat) = +10
Swim, Str(Class): 7(points spent) - 2(stat) = +5


Two Level-feats(1st, 3rd)
One Bonus-feat(4th Scout)

Weapon Proficiency, Simple(Class Feature): Duh
Armor Proficiency, Light(Class Feature): Duh
Skirmish(Class Feature): +1d6 damage if attacking after moving over 10 feet, also +1 AC
Trapfinding(Class Feature): Can find traps.
Battle Fortitude +1(Class Feature): +1 FORT saves, +1 Init
Uncanny Dodge(Class Feature): No AC penalty when surprised.
Fast Movement(Class Feature): Gottagofast
Trackless Step(Class Feature): Cannot be tracked outside of cities/dungeons.

Weapon Proficiency, Martial(1st-Level Feat): Duh
Two-Weapon Fighting(3rd-Level Feat): No penalties when fighting with two weapons

Rapid Reload, Flintlock(Bonus Feat): Reduces reloading of flintlocks to a free action.


Starting Wealth: any amount of mundane crap and ten pounds of platinum (5,000 GP) - half of this platinum can be spent on personal crafting pre-game
Magic Items: you may have two of the following: Basic Magic Weapon, Basic Magic Armour, Basic Ability Enhancement, Basic Deflector, Basic Magic Shield, Basic Resistor

Money spent so far: 2050 GP

Masterwork Keen Flintlock Pistol, "Freeze"(725 gold): 1d10+1d6ICE damage, 19-20, x3 criticals, free action to reload, +1 to hit
Masterwork Keen Flintlock Pistol, "Scorch"(725 gold): 1d10+1d6BURN damage, 19-20, x3 criticals, free action to reload, +1 to hit
Flintlock Musket +1, "Thunderbolt"(Free Magic Weapon!): 1d12+1+1d6ZAP damage, x3 criticals, free action to reload, +2 to hit
Studded Leather +2(Free Magic Armor!): +5 AC! No penalties!
Moustache of Mercy(500 gold, +2 Shield bonus to armor): +2 AC!
Cravat of Complexity(500 Gold, +2 DEX): +2 DEX!

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