Residents Of Riverfork


GUILDMASTER: Pacem Mishu. An old man, bald and sporting a long but well-cared beard. He is attentive to details and cares for a job well done. As thanks for rescuing an associated trader and her wife from the Caves of Chaos, the party now has membership in the guild. This has several benefits but the most immediate consequence is the convenience of Pacem and the guild being willing to write letters of appraisal for treasure recovered at a 5% fee. His letters are as-good-as gold and much easier and safer to transport.

CURATE: Kyrion Stefanos is the priest in charge of the Keep's chapel. He is a tough-looking man in his 40s, dark-haired and olive-skinned, Thyatian, and probably a veteran. He is honest, serious and straightforward. He has great interest in the recovery of ancient artifacts of religious significance.

BARKEEP: Olaf Strelki is the tavernkeeper of Halev's Song. He is balding, yet sporting a great bushy beard. He is a merry and friendly fellow, however uncompromising on the price of his drinks. He is the center of the rumor mill in town. He is fairly friendly to the party as by now they are valued customers.

INNKEEP: Cedric Jag is the innkeeper of the Keep's Inn. He is a tall, dry, gnarly fellow with a spiky mustache emerging from a generally badly shaven face. He does not seem particularly extrovert and mostly keeps to himself. He is discreet.

PROVISIONER: Kharash is the owner of the Keep's bazaar. He is a well-groomed dwarf proudly sporting a blondish beard with ribbons, usually well dressed. He sells supplies and equipment of all sorts, and has a keen personal interest in unusual, ancient and rare coins.

TRADER: Kaius Askanios owns the keep's emporium. He is a young man with red hair, tanned skin, wearing exotic-looking clothes and favoring the color green. The trade emporium handles trade goods for the Guild (pelts, spices, ingots, cloth, salt, rare woods, etc), as well as arms and armor. He is well-stocked. He is very interested in acquiring furs, and will pay handsomely for them.

BANKER: Name unknown. A 30something man, pale and dark-haired, well groomed and clean-shaven. The bank will change money, gems, jewels and letters of credit for a 10% fee (5% if guild members). The bank can keep cash and small items stored in a strongbox for 10 gold a month. Will offer loans with a 10% interest per month in exchange for a precious item left in deposit. He also sells items left in deposit.

SMITH: Name unknown. A tall, broad-shouldered, tough-looking woman hardened by years of smithy and metalwork, tanned and with brown hair cut short. Horses and mules shod, custom metal items made, weapons and armor repaired. She has some metal items always in store, from chains to frying pans. She can forge custom weapons and armor, but since most people will just buy them from the emporium, most of her work is repairs.

JEWEL MERCHANT: Name unknown. Not met yet. Will appraise, buy and sell gems, and offer counsel on the subject.

WANDERING PRIEST: Kselov, a stranger from a far land. Dirty blonde wavy hair, wears a grey tunic and a golden necklace with a red stone. Has two tonsured acolytes with him, who have taken a vow of silence. He is on a quest from his order, and seeks to contribute to the fight against the denizens of the Caves of Chaos.


LORD CASTELLAN: Name unknown. Not met yet. In charge of the Keep. By the way Sophia references him, he seems to be worried about his forces bring spread too thin.

ADVISOR: Name unknown. Not met yet. Word is that the Castellan's advisor is an elven seer who advises him by divining threats to the Keep with his magic.

CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD: Sophia Arikos is the Captain of the Riverfork guard. She is Thytian, although she has not mentioned how or why she has made the journey. She is shortish, with darker hair and skin. Unusually, her eyes are blue. She is the direct commander of all armed forces in the Keep and reports directly to the Castellan.

SERGEANT OF THE GUARD: Name unknown. Not met yet. In charge of the guard detail by the inner gatehouse.

BAILIFF: Joseph Ravenmore. Tall and broad-shouldered, long black straight hair and moustache, wearing chain mail under a long black coat and a leather hat. In charge of law and order within the Keep.

CORPORAL OF THE WATCH: Hak Eshtar is the gate operator and in charge of the guard detail by the outer gatehouse. He has a scar on his cheek and is a proud owner of a bushy mustache. Women seem to be his weak point.

(Supposedly there are other two corporals, of the guard rather than the watch, each of them in charge of one of the westernmost towers of the keep's fortress.)

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