Rhose Dendron

Name: Rhose Dendron
Metavariant: Changeling(Human), Surge III(30 Karma)
Description: Six feet tall and plant green from head to toe, Rhose is hard to miss and everything about her seems exaggerated. Her eyes are large and black, lacking iris and pupils, her hair is long, planty tendrils and she glows in the dark, a faint blue-white light. She's also not very smart, but that's alright, because it allows her to display that unique self-confidence that only the somewhat stupid have, which makes her surprisingly charming. She also really, really likes big guns, the kind that have lots of ammo or make things blow up.
Background: Depending on when you ask Rhose, she'll either claim to have been raised by wild flowers in the jungle(which is how she learned their abilities), to have been bitten by a radioactive tulip or something even more outlandish. If Rhose even knows the truth, or remembers anything more than a few months back, she's not telling.
Personality: Bubbly and personable, Rhose is in it for the fun. She regards gunfights as a game and her downtime is spent enjoying herself, not doing more work. The closest she gets to quiet, introspective activity is gardening, and that's really just an excuse for her to lounge around in the UV lights.

Body: 5
Agility: 5(7)
Reaction: 3(4)
Strength: 2(4)

Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3

Edge: 4
Initiative: 7(8)
Init Passes: 2
Essence: 4.5

Physical: 11
Stun: 10
Total Armor: 8/8(Armor Jacket + Dermal Alteration)

Active Skills
Automatics : 5
Dodge (Ranged Combat) : 3
Heavy Weapons (Machineguns) : 5
Unarmed: 4

Climbing: 3
Gymnastics(Dancing): 3
Infiltration: 3
Navigation: 3
Running(Sprinting): 2
Parachuting: 3

Perception (Visual) : 2

Automotive Mechanic : 2
Gunnery: 2
Pilot Ground Craft (Tracked) : 3
Pilot Aircraft: 3
Pilot Anthroform: 3

Artisan: 3
Con (Fast talk) : 3
Intimidation : 2
Leadership(Morale) : 3

Knowledge Skills
(Intuition+Logic) x 3 = 18

Street Knowledge, Mercenaries: 2
Street Knowledge, Gangs: 2

Professional Knowledge, Business: 2

Interests, Violent Videogames: 5
Interests, Violent Sports: 4
Interests, Gardening: 3

Charisma x 2 = 8

The Gardener(Connection 1, Loyalty 3): The person Rhose gets her gardening supplies from. They're nothing you'd call influential, but she and Rhose get along well.
The Dealer(Connection 3, Loyalty 1): The person Rhose gets her ammo from. They don't like Rhose, in fact she gets on their nerves a lot of the time, but she's a big spender, so that's why she gets tolerated.

Language Skills


Muscle Toner L2(+2 Agi, -0.4 Ess)
Muscle Augmentation L2(+2 Str, -0.4 Ess)
Synaptic Booster L1(+1 Reaction, +1 Init Pass, -0.5 Ess)
Platelet Factories(Reduces damage taken by 1 if 2 or more, -0.2 Ess)

Positive Qualities

Toughness(20 Karma)

Dermal Alteration, Bark(20 Karma): +2 Impact Armor(Cumulative with worn armor)
Low-Light Vision(10 Karma)
Thermal Sense(10 Karma): Functions like Thermosense Organ
Photometabolism(10 Karma): Reduce lifestyle costs by 10%
Magnetosense(10 Karma): Smell magnetic fields, locate magnetic north
Claws(20 Karma): (STR/2)P Damage, retractable

Negative Qualities

Bioluminescent(-10 Karma): Glows in the dark
Extravagant Eyes(-10 Karma): Looks fancy, eyes cannot be modded
Striking Skin Pigmentation(-10 Karma): Looks fancy, skin cannot be modded
Unusual Hair(-10 Karma): Looks fancy, hair cannot be modded
SINNER(-20 Karma): Criminal SIN


Metatype: 30 Karma
Attributes: 300 Karma
Edge: 35 Karma
Skills: 274 Karma
Qualities: 10 Karma(non-Toughness, non-Claws positive qualities provided by Changeling, non-Unusual Hair, non-SINNER negative qualities provided by Changeling)
Languages: 4 Karma
Equipment/NuYen: 97 Karma

Total: 750
Maximum: 750


242,500 NuYen(maximum expenditure)
10,300 NuYen(Guns)
2,350 NuYen(Armor & Mods)
20,750 NuYen(Gun Mods)
19,275 NuYen(Misc)
25,500 NuYen(Ammunition)
20,000 NuYen(DAS BIKE)
8,400 NuYen(Living expenses, 1,400/month, 6 months)
135,000 NuYen(Bioware)

Total Expenditure: 241,005


Stoner Ares M202(4500 NuYen apiece, 12F), 1x
ArmTech MGL-12(2000 NuYen apiece, 10F), 1x
Ares Alpha(1700 NuYen apiece, 12F), 1x
AK-97(500 NuYen apiece, 4R), 1x
HK 227X(800 NuYen apiece, 8R), 2x


Armor Jacket(900 NuYen, 2)


Airburst Link(500 NuYen), x2(ArmTech MGL-12)
Gas-Vent 3(400 NuYen), x5
Smartgun System(weapon cost), x6
Shock Pad(50 NuYen), x3
Foregrip(100 NuYen), x3
Electronic Firing(1000 NuYen), x4
Heavy Barrel(weapon cost), x1


3x Chemical Protection(750 NuYen)
3x Fire Protection(300 NuYen)
2x Nonconductivity(400 NuYen)


EX-Explosive Rounds(10 per 1), x500(Machinegun), x250(Assault Rifle), x100(SMG)
Silver Bullets(25 per 1), x100(Assault Rifle)
Regular Bullets(2 per 1), x1000(Machinegun), x500(Assault Rifle), x250(SMG)
White Phosphorous Grenades(120 per 1), x25
Fragmentation Grenades(35 per 1), x100
Hi-Explosive Grenades(45 per 1), x100


Fake SIN L4(4000 NuYen), x2(For shopping and online gaming)
Fake License L4(400 NuYen), x2(Firearms licenses for both of her fake SIN's)
Toolkit(500 NuYen)
Monocle L4(100 NuYen)
+Smartlink(500 NuYen)
+Vision Magnification(50 NuYen)
+Image Link(25 NuYen)
+Flare Compensation(50 NuYen)
Commlink: Fairlight Caliban(8000 NuYen)
+Mangadyne Deva(800 NuYen)
Headphones L3(150 NuYen)
+Spatial Recognizer(100 NuYen)
+Audio Enhancement L2(200 NuYen)
Grapple Gun(500 NuYen)
+100m Standard Rope(100 NuYen), x2
Standard Parachute(500 NuYen), x2
L6 Respirator(150 NuYen)
Gecko Tape Gloves(250 NuYen)
Flashlight(25 NuYen), x2

Gear stats

Armor Jacket: 8/6(B/I)
Fairlight Caliban: Response 4, Signal 5
Smartgun System: +2 dice on attacks(1 slot)
Airburst Link: Reduces scatter to 1d6
Gas-Vent System 3: +3 Recoil Compensation(2 slots)
Shock Pad: +1 Recoil Compensation(Accessory, no slot)
Foregrip: +1 Recoil Compensation(Accessory, no slot)
Heavy Barrel: +1 Recoil Compensation(1 slot)
Electronic Firing: +1 Recoil Compensation(2 slots)

Stoner ARES M202: 6P(Damage), AP -2, FA mode, RC: 0(5), 50/100 Ammo. Smartlinked(+2 dice to attack), Gas-Vent 3(+3 Recoil Compensation), Shock Pad(+1 Recoil Compensation), Heavy Barrel(+1 Recoil Compensation)
AK-97: 6P(Damage), AP -1, SA/BF/FA modes, RC: 0(5), 38 Ammo. Smartlinked(+2 dice to attack), Gas-Vent 3(+3 Recoil Compensation), Shock Pad(+1 Recoil Compensation), Electronic Firing(+1 Recoil Compensation)
Ares Alpha: 6P(Damage), AP -1, SA/BF/FA modes, RC: 2(8), 42 Ammo. Smartlinked(+2 dice to attack), Gas-Vent 3(+3 Recoil Compensation), Shock Pad(+1 Recoil Compensation), Foregrip(+1 Recoil Compensation), Electronic Firing(+1 Recoil Compensation)
ArmTech MGL-12: As Grenade(Damage), AP 0, SA mode, RC 0, 12 Ammo. Smartlinked(+2 dice to attack), Airburst Link(Reduces scatter to 1d6)
HK 227X: 5P(Damage), AP 0, SA/BF/FA modes, RC: 1(6), 28 Ammo. Smartlinked(+2 dice to attack), Gas-Vent 3(+3 Recoil Compensation), Foregrip(+1 Recoil Compensation), Electronic Firing(+1 Recoil Compensation)

Fragmentation Grenade: 12Pf(Damage), AP +5, Blast: -1/m
High-Explosive Grenade: 10P(Damage), AP -2, Blast: -2/m
White Phosphorous Grenade: 8P(On Impact), 4P(Burning for 10 turns), AP -Half, Blast: -1/m
Regular Bullets: They hurt people.
EX-Explosive Bullets: +1 Damage, -1 AP, will explode in weapon on a Glitch roll, hurting user.
Silver Bullets: +2 AP, hurt some bad guys more.

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