Description: The Modular Automated Reconnaissance Guide and Robotic Information Technology Assistant is Matias' bionic servitor and personal assistant. Composed of hundreds of interlocking, movable parts, it's default configuration is a 4ft long centipede like drone that skitters about, or a bracer wrapped along his forearm. Other configurations and uses include field medic, backpack, personal computer, communications device, and even a jetpack.



Body 3
Mind 3
Soul 3

Derived Values

ACV1 3 // -
DCV2 3 - //
DM3 5
HP4 30+10=40
EP5 30
SV6 8

combat technigques 10pts
Judge opponent
Weapons Encyclopedia
lightning reflexes x 3

Computer Scanning lvl 5 1km 20pts

features: 10pts
Eidetic memory
360 vision
Lowlight vision
Personal Comp
Extra Storage (Fold out backpack)

Telekenetic Extra arms 4 3pts
Tekenesis restriction: only on machines with wireless accesspoints lvl 2 (10kg) 8pts

tough lvl 2 +10hp 4pts

spec defense 16pts
-disease 2
-lack of air 2
-poison 2
-low pressure 2

extra actions 1 15pts

3 lvls +30HP restore from clinical death. 12pts

Heightened awareness +5 10pts

mind control
7/pts lvl machine intelligences 14pts?

supersense 4pts
T-ray sight 100m 4

flight 8pts
superstrength (no damage multiplier) x3 +8pts

Computer (intrustion/security) 4 8pts
electronics (Security) 4 8pts
Driving (car) 1 2pts
Forgery (electronic documents) 2 2pts
Medical (emergency response) 1 2pts
Language (Vasudan) 1 3pts
Pilot (atmospheric) 1 2pts
Powerlifting (humans) 1 2pts

Smaller character
.5 height and 1/8 mass
+4 Damage when hit
+1 to hit with a ranged attack
+1 defending against ranged
/2 distance when throwing
/2 running speed


Ism: Suspicion of AIs -2

no taste -3
no smell -3

250 companion

120pts =2pts
130pts =13pts

15pts=7 as item

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