Shadowrun, 4th edition

Character creation:
- 350 character point, rather than 400. No more than 200 may be spent on attributes.
- No more than 40 points of positive qualities, no more than -40 points of negative qualities, no more than six qualities overall. Keep me sane.
- No cybernetics; no magic; no non-humans.
- Adept abilities may be taken as qualities for 20 character points times their cost in power points.
- Use sense when taking other gear and qualities. The game begins on June the 12th, 1990; do some research when it comes to what's available.
- Between the players, one of you should be the Shipping Company owner. They get 50 extra character points to help design and pay for their boat.
- Computer-related skills will be a rare specialisation. I'll fill the differences in later, but it'll be pretty significant.
- Languages needed: English, at least one Thai speaker.
- Seek GM consent for characters born after 1970 or before 1940
- Modern firearms stats are found here: http://10gauge.de/downloads/sr4/raygun.pdf
- Can also be found here: http://10gauge.de/raygun/
- Both these links feature flash and music, and are basically mirrors. I don't know how they made a webpage into a pdf.
- All shadowrun 4e books are legal. Check with me, though.
- Only the Shipping Company owner or those seeking specific permission may have more than $5,000 loose change after finishing character generation.
- The local currency is the Baht, though money is money. 25 Baht = 1 dollar.

Important names:
Prime Minsiter: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chatichai_Choonhavan
Beloved King: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhumibol_Adulyadej
Money: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_baht

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