Robert Levitt
Name:       Robert Levitt
Player:     Conscript_Gary
Clan:       Toreador
Generation: Thirteenth
XP: 14/14

Local charming sculptor, stereotypically goatee'd, think billy ray cyrus. Most recently employed in
decorating the haven of a Toreador socialite who took a liking to his style and expressed her
artistic appreciation in the form of an Embrace.

Unfortunately for the both of them, moreso for his sire, the aforementioned haven 'mysteriously'
burned to the ground a week later. By that point Rober had learned enough about Kindred to not
look into it too closely for his own good, and has set about adapting his former lifestyle to his new
needs. Focusing on clients who needed work done indoors, finally getting off his ass about hiring a
proper delivery service, all the mundane measures out of the way so that he can focus on creating,
and in sharing those creations with the night.

  PHYSICAL(3)               SOCIAL(1)                 MENTAL(2)

Strength  000          Charisma     0000    Perception    000
Dexterity 000o         Manipulation 00      Intelligence  000
Stamina   0o           Appearance   0000    Wits          00

  TALENTS(3)                SKILLS(1)               KNOWLEDGES(2)

Alertness    00      Animal Ken                   Academics     00
Athletics            Crafts(sculpt)     00000     Computer      00
Awareness            Drive              00        Finance       00
Brawl                Etiquette          00        Investigation 0
Empathy              Firearms                     Law 
Expression   00      Larceny                      Medicine
Intimidation         Melee              000       Occult        
Leadership           Performance(prsnt) 000       Politics      
Streetwise   000     Stealth                      Science       00
Subterfuge           Survival                     Technology    

DISCIPLINES              BACKGROUNDS                 VIRTUES

Auspex      0         Domain    0                Conscience   000
Celerity    0         Fame      0                Self-Control 0000
Presence    0         Resources 000              Courage      00


Eat Food (Free)


Domain: A comfortably size studio near the boring part of town
Fame: His artwork has a healthy following among the edgy, and his pieces adorn a few well-frequented coffee shops
Resources: His passion is for the more abstract, macabre subject matters, but he's certainly not going to turn down well-paying commisions


Humanity     0000000

Willpower    0000

Blood Pool

Dodge:         2
Soak:          1
Init Pool:     6


Bruised          [ ]
Hurt          -1 [ ]
Injured       -1 [ ]
Wounded       -2 [ ]
Mauled        -2 [ ]
Crippled      -5 [ ]
Incapacitated    [ ]


Pick hammer    STR+2    T


Layered denim overcoat    +1/+1
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