Rozalia Ecaterina

Personal Information

Name: Rozalia Ecaterina
Gender: Female
Clan: Toreador
Generation: Ninth Generation
Blood Pool: ???


Born to a minor noble family serving as ghouls to a powerful Toreador, Rozalia was raised to rule and command. Unfortunately, not long after she was Embraced by the vampire her family served, said vampire, her family's estates and most of her family were all burned to ash by the Tremere, as Rozalia's family and sire had made the decision to back the Tzimisce in their war with the vampire mages. More by luck than skill she escaped and was found by the local Nosferatu shortly before she would have faced the sunrise in a daze.

Sometimes gently, sometimes not, they thrashed the worst of the spoiled brat out of her and taught her some actual useful skills, like how to protect herself and how to use her hands for something other than imperious gestures. Eventually, once the heat had died down and she was assumed dead, Rozalia left her adopted vampire family, since she never quite fit in. She's now on a mission to have her revenge on the Tremere and reclaim her rightful place in the world, not just for herself, but for all the poor mortals and kindred who're suffering without her wise, pure-bred leadership.

Rozalia is flamboyant and eccentric, but largely well-intentioned, she doesn't kill for fun or sport and usually has a sense of honour. She also remembers what the Nosferatu did for her, and will always treat them like equals, any Nosferatu she meets, she feels like she owes a favour. Similarly, she intends to support the Tzimisce, and it'll take a lot for her to ever trust a Tremere or a Gargoyle.

Skill-wise, she's focused a lot on learning how to fight, simply because her revenge and the protection of the weak requires it. But outside of that, she knows how to command, she knows etiquette, and she's an accomplished seamstress. She makes makes her own clothes, which are often quite impractical, the only reason she's not tripping over her own skirts half the time is Celerity, but also sells her talents to mortals and vampires looking for something unique.


Physical Social Mental
●●●Strength ●●●●Charisma ●Intelligence
●●●Dexterity ●●Manipulation ●●Wits
●●Stamina ●●●●Appearance ●●●Perception


Talents ●Alertness ●●●Athletics ●Awareness Brawl Empathy ●●●Expression ●●●Intimidation ●●Leadership Legerdemain Subterfuge
Skills Animal Ken ●●Archery Commerce ●●Crafts ●●Etiquette ●●●Melee ●Performance ●Ride Stealth Survival
Knowledges Academics Enigmas Hearth Wisdom ●●Investigation ●Law Medicine Occult ●Politics Seneschal ●Theology

Field of Specialty, Craft: Costumes and Masks


●●●Celerity Page 202 Add Celerity dots to all Dex pools
●●Presence Page 235 Awe Dread Gaze


Contacts: ●Local Nosferatu
Domain: ●
Generation: ●●●
Resources: ●●Rescued Family Treasures
Status: ●Known as flamboyant and eccentric

Virtues and Willpower

Path of Chivalry
Path Score: 6

Conviction: ●●●
Self-Control: ●●●
Courage: ●●●●
Willpower: ●●●●

Merits & Flaws

Inoffensive to Animals, 1-Point Supernatural Merit: Hanging around the Nosferatu and their many ghouled animals has somehow rubbed off on Rozalia, and she doesn't unsettle animals.
Literacy, 1-Point Mental Merit: Rozalia knows how to read and write. That's about it.
Vengeful, 2-Point Mental Flaw: Rozalia really, truly hates the Tremere. And if she ever learned the names of any of the specific Tremere involved in her family's destruction, she'd likely go to the ends of the Earth to hunt them down.


Freebie and XP Expenditure

Unspent XP: 0

15 Freebie Points
3 points spent to raise Generation from 0 to 3.
7 points spent to raise Celerity from 2 to 3.
2 points spent to raise Archery from 1 to 2.
2 points spent to raise Crafts from 1 to 2.
1 point spent to raise Domain from 0 to 1.

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