Sad Lotus

Sad Lotus, warrior-Scholar

A student of the great teacher Mighty Oak, Sad Lotus' life was martial arts for a long time. There was no reason for it not to be, as he took her in to study at his dojo as an orphaned child. She focused on the world of Wulin, letting the world outside only interfere as a learning experience. Her drive was impressive, as was that of Mighty Oak's grandson, but neither truly understood why they were learning the Art beyond its own sake. The sparring partners were gathered together some weeks ago and informed that Mighty Oak had a task for them; to see the world and witness 150 Kung Fu styles, and tell him what they all had in common. Leaving the dojo the same night, Lotus now travels the provinces seeking to do right in the world and make her master proud.

Health: 18

Xia Joss 2
Corrupt Joss 2

River [__, __]

Challenge: Struggle
Archetype Skill: Dodge

Onerous Obligation: Witness 150 styles of Kung Fu
Rival: Coarse Oak

Might 3
Athletics 2
Fight 2
Hardiness 3

Speed 3
Initiative 2
Dodge 2
Finesse 1
Melee 3
Ride 2

Wu Wei 5
Awareness 3
Investigation 2
Ranged 3
Senses 2 (Surprise)
Stealth 1

Genius 4
Learning 3 (Styles)
Crafting 1
Medicine 2
Politics 0
Tactics 2

Presence 2
Confidence 1

Martial Arts:

Lightfoot 1

Waves Like Water 3

Sliding Strike (1): Add your weapon's Strike to your Initiative. This must be invoked at the beginning of the round.

Fierce Flexible Fence (2): You may add your Silver Chi modifier to all blocks for the round. You may also defend against ranged weapons without the Strike penalty.

Rolling Wave Attack (3): This technique looks like Fierce Flexible Fence, but you may add your Silver Chi modifier to ALL attacks and blocks, and may ignore five points of armour.

Cloud Mastery 1

Phantom of the Clouds: You may add your Jade Chi modifier to your Initiative. This must be invoked at the beginning of the round.

Blue Flame Spear 2

Swift Spear (1): Gain the following effects:

  • Add your White Chi bonus as a modifier to your weapon's Speed
  • Add your White Chi bonus as a modifier to your weapon's Strike
  • You may attack any target within Short Range
  • You may spend a Free Action to recover any one book on the person of your target.

Righteous Spear (2): Gain the following effects:

  • Apply a -5 modifier to your opponent's Strike if they attempt to Block your attacks when you attempt to Coordinate
  • You may summon your spear to your hand as a Free Action from up to your Favoured Chi in yards


Light Armour
Short Spear
Long Spear

Combat Block:
Initiative: 3d10+10
Attack: 3d10+5
Block: 3d10+5
Damage: Xd10+10

Destiny: 3

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