Sadaj-in Araeoi

Name: Sadaj-in Araeoi
Appearance: Average height, lanky build. Dressed in a surprisingly form-fitting white pilot suit with a white cloak that reaches to the bottom of his back. On his face rests his trademark alabaster mask, with golden trim, and sapphire colored jewels. A Crystal rests in the middle of the forehead. Underneath the mask, the only discernable difference is his right eye. A symbiote rests in the whites, giving it a pitch black color.
Allegiance: Mars Protectorate
Ratio Modifier: 1

Mecha: Einherjar
Appearance: Covered in white, chitinous armor with a fast, streamlined look. Adorned in gold and blue, various pieces of armor jet backwards and out, thrusters that give the Einherjar a great deal of propulsion. The Long-Range Ion Cluster Rifle is holstered behind it, and it's ornate-but-functional dual sabers rest at it's hips.

Archetype: Scheming
Role: Strategist

Game Stats (BESM)

Body: 3
Mind: 11
Spirit: 4


Mind Control: Specific (Eye contact with intelligent humanoid beings able to recieve orders only once)

  • 6 Ranks
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Range: 10m
  • Permanent Moderate Inconvenience: Always activates when eye-contact is made, has to wear mask to prevent.

Item: Sadaj-in's Strategist Mask (Crystal Inset)
- Attributes -

  • Dynamic Power: Mind
    • Charges: One Scene a Day
    • Detectable: Crystal shines brightly when in use.
  • Mind Control: Very Specific (Einherjar)
    • 2 Ranks
    • Range: 1km
    • Duration: 1 Hour
    • Activation: 1
    • Concentration: 2
    • Dependent: Sadaj's Eye (Mind Control)
  • Mind Shield: +5 to resisting Mind Stat rolls

Heightened Senses (Sight): 2 Ranks
Heightened Awareness: 2 Ranks

Defense Combat Mastery: 1 Rank
Ranged Attack (Handguns): 3 Ranks

Telekinesis: 1000kg
Telepathy - Universal: 1 Rank

Item: ALW-09 Cell-based Round Pistol (Weapon)
- Attributes -

  • Weapon: 5
    • Piercing 4
    • Penetrating 3


Military Sciences: 2 (Tactics)
Cultural Arts (Martian): 1 (Literature)


Marked: 2 (Sadaj's Eye)
Less Capable: Endurance (Body) 1 (Major Aspect)

Trigger Discipline Stats

Fanbase: 2
GAR Charge: 4
Plot Armor: 4
GAR: 3
Power (Evolution): 4


Dual Saber Action 2 (Ordinary trait) Sometimes the King has to lead by example. Training himself in combat, his dual sabers can restore order whenever he needs to use them.

Long-Range Ion Cluster Rifle 3 (Ordinary trait) Sadaj-in's favorite weapon. A piercing red light erupts from the barrel of the rifle, travelling at high speeds, a deadly gun and one that Sadaj-in is well versed in.

Tactics On The Fly 3 (Ordinary trait) The way the battle plays out is easy to predict. Movements are easily read and strategies are easily predicted to one who has studied war in the way that Sadaj-in has.

"All is according to plan…" 3 (Limit+1) Sadaj-in's machinations always come to fruition. Every move, every action, every moment is but a game of chess to him. Every outcome planned and calculated, all leading to one absolute. Victory.

Silver Tongue 2 (Limit+1) Why fight when you can just make them see your way? Sadaj-in's words have a certain way of reaching the person. His manner of speaking is slightly hypnotic and hints at very little to no malcontent at all. Convincing people to give him just what he wants is one of Sadaj-in's strong suits.

Explosions are Necessary 3 (Limit+1) Sadaj-in has a flair for fireworks, as such, he always keeps some explosives of all types on him, hidden mainly underneath his cloak. Barring that, the underside of his forearms can shoot a mass of jel with an explosive, black core. When subjugated to the environment, the jel begins to erode until the core becomes exposed, exploding violently.

Eye of Domination 3 (Limit+2 in battle) Sadaj-in's right eye contains a symbiote that makes the sclera, or the white of his eye appear a pitch black. Whenever he makes eye contact with someone, he can issue a single order to that person. The person then will follow out that order unquestioned, as if it was a completely normal action for them. Due to the biohypnosis and brain-changing nature of the symbiote, only ONE order can be issued to a person. Trying to issue subsequent orders will have no effect whatsoever to someone who has already been affected. Sadaj-in must have DIRECT eye-to-eye contact with the person. He cannot use the effect by means of video transmission, or if the subject's eyes are blocked in any way. The only exception to this rule is common, vision-correcting glasses.

Telepathic Crystal 2 (Limit+2) In the forehead of Sadaj-in's alabaster mask, rests a small jewel, inset around many others of the same kind. This crystal lets Sadaj-in peer into a person's mind. He can read surface thoughts, and also talk to the person telpathically. The voice that appears in the person's head is anonymous, and is unable to be traced back to Sadaj-in unless he explicitly wishes for it to be so.

Combat Symbiote Swarm (Limit+2) Sadaj-in can control a small swarm of symbiotes that emerge from an area in his upper back by using some electronics on the inside of his mask in conjunction with his Eye. The symbiotes are the only creatures bioengineered to be controlled in this fashion, and Sadaj-in's knowledge of complex tactics allows him to use them for various tasks. The swarm can take over and control machinery or robots, giving him an almost unlimited supply of troops if the need so arises.

Earth-Moving Lattice 2 (Limit+3) Tentacles and roots shoot out at lightning speed from the bottom of Sadaj-in's feet, travelling far and wide, these 'roots' can emit powerful jets of air and flammable gas, tearing the ground asunder. In his mecha, such abilities can cause landslides, columns of earth, and powerful earthquakes, ripping the ground right out from underneath his foes, leaving them helpless, trapped and crushed. Easily dispatched.

First Appearance: Episode 2

Sadaj-In totally wants to get into Malaika's incendiary pants.

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