Saint Amanda Isolde

Amanda Isolde was born in the middle of a warzone to Lady General Maria Isolde of Dimmamar. Lady Maria hoped to raise the child herself, but died in the war, sending young Amanda to the Schola Progenum.

There she quickly stood out as a child of great willpower and determination, not to mention aptitude for combat (the young men of the Schola learned soon not to cross her). At age 15 she was selected by the Adepta Sororitas, and became a Battle Sister of the Convent of Katherine the Divine. During the Vayart Crusade she became a Living Saint at age 17, displaying a wide range of divine powers and leading whole armies into triumphant battles.

At the final battle of the crusade, at the siege of Red Arcadia, she lost her mind. In a murderous rampage of holy rage, Saint Isolde annihilated the entire enemy force, as well as nine tenths of the Imperial force she was leading. It took three whole days before an Inquisitorial team could capture and contain her. By that time she had immolated the city of Red Arcadia and alone destroyed the transport ships attempting to flee her wrath.

As she was a Living Saint, neither the Sororitas or the Inquisition dared kill her, even though it would have been the safest choice. Still, she could not be allowed active duty or even to move freely beyond the warded confines of her cell. Even after most of her Emperor-given abilities abated, she was still prone to bouts of violence, having little trouble killing even the most adept of guards.

She was not the primary candidate to pilot Drustanus, or even the secondary, but after the machine had killed two blood-compatible candidates, the Mechanicus decided to test her. It was to be her salvation.

It's said that the first time she was connected to the machine, they couldn't disconnect her for a whole week. They say she stole a pistol from a tech adept and used that to maim anyone who attempted to remove her while she wrestled with the mind of the God-Machine, but none of the adepts working on Drustanus carried weapons. Either way, after a week she spontaneously disconnected from the machine, apparently a changed woman. She remained mentally unstable, but finally able to control her homicidal tendencies. Some theorize that there was an exchange of minds between the pilot and the machine once Drustanus and Isolde had accepted each other, others believe that she found a place to focus all her aggression in the boiling mind of the Titan.

Whatever happened, she has been accepted.

Amanda Isolde, Living Saint



Body: 8
Mind: 3
Soul: 7

Base CV: 6
Attack CV: 6 (8 Unarmed)
Def CV: 6

Damage Multi: 5
HP: 75
Energy: 50
Shock: 15

Attributes 62pts

Aura of Inspiration/Intimidation [Intimidation, Occult: Imperial Creed] 1 (4)
Combat Technique 3 (Brutal*2, Lethal Blow) (6)
Divine Relationship 6 (12)
Exorcism 1 (2)
Features: Famous, Light Sleeper (2)
Healing 5 (20 4/l)
Melee Attack: Unarmed 2 (4)
Regeneration 2 (20)

Skills 28pts

Acrobatics (Balance, Flexibility, Jumps, Tumbling) 1 (5 3/l)
Climbing (Natural Surfaces, Vegetation, Walls) 1 (3 2/l)
Controlled Breathing (Calm, Holding Breath, Slow Heart Rate) 1 (2 1/l)
Driving (Titan) 1 (2 2/l)
Interrogation (Physical, Psychological, Drugs) 1 (3 2/l)
Intimidation (Street, Authority, Religious) 1 (3 2/l)
Languages (Low Gothic, High Gothic, Glossolalia, War Cant, Lip Reading, Sign Language, Eldar) 4 (4 1/l)
Medical (Diagnosis, Emergency Response, Surgery) 1 (3 2/l)
Occult (Imperial Creed) 1 (2 2/l)
Performing Arts (Singing) (1 1/l)

Defects -13pts

Blind Fury (Titan Withdrawal) 3 (-6)
Hounded 2 (-4) See below
Fanatic Magnet 3 (-3) Amanda Isolde is a Living Saint Princeps bonded to an Achaeotech Titan. Despite her insanity, or perhaps because of it, she is constantly followed by a horde of worshippers. Among the Mechanicus there are whispers that she - not the Emperor - is the True Omnissiah (this is of course bollocks, she's just a holy transcended prophet).

Gear 43/43

Flamer (15)
Unarmed Attack (28) [52 Damage] WL: 9 Pen: 20
Medium Armour - AR:8 (4)

Drustanus, God-Machine

Height: 56 feet
Weight: 224 tonnes

Base modifiers:
Large template 3
x30 lifting capacity
+12 to damage dealt
+12 to AR
-3 to ranged attacks against small targets
-3 to ranged defense against small enemies
x6 Throwing distance
x6 Running speed
Lumbering 3

Points Total: 310/310+120

Stats 60+120

Body: 10
Mind: 3
Soul: 5

Base CV: 6
Attack CV: 6 (7 Melta)
Def CV: 6

Damage Multi: 5
HP: 220/300 (75)
Armour: 36
Energy: 40
Shock: 60 (15)

Attributes 58/58

Aegis 20 (Free)
Armour 18 (AR:36) (36)
Divine Relationship 6 (12) [ 6/6 ]
Ranged Attack 1 (Melta) (3)
Skill: Acrobatics (Balance, Jumps, Tumbling) 1 (4)
Skill: Climbing (Natural Surfaces, Walls, Larger Titans) 1 (3 2/l)

Weapons 182

Heavy Flamer (22) [Weapon: 10/20 | Range: 1 | Penetrating: -/- | Area 1, Heavy]

Volcano Cannon (96+12-3) [Weapon: 30/60 | Range: 4 | Penetrating: 40/20 | Heavy, Targeted: Structures, Area 3, Insidious, Barrage 6]

Melta Cannon (64+1) [Weapon: 16/32 | Range: 2 | Penetrating: 48/24 | Heavy, Area 2, Melta, Spreading 3]

0 to spend
Points spent on Amanda:
10 - Second level of Regeneration.

Points spent on Drustanus:
4 pts - Remove "Ordnance" from Volcano Cannon
2 pts - Give Volcano Cannon the "Targeted: Structures" attribute
1 pts - Increase Range of Melta Cannon by 1
3 pts - Remedy the "Impaired Manipulation" defect caused by the Volcano Cannon
-3 pts - Give Volcano Cannon the "Heavy" defect
2 pts - Give Volcano Cannon the "Rapid Fire" attribute
1 pts - Increase the level of "Barrage" on Volcano Cannon by 1

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