Samantha Z

Name: Samantha Z.
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Faction: Control
Rank: Major
Known Skills: [Retrieved from Control personnel file] Samantha Z. has earned her CETC in: Small Arms, Command and Stealth.
Mutant Powers: None Known


Samantha is a shaven-headed, brown-eyed member of Control who usually ears an intense expression and is rarely seen relaxing, even if she's not busy DOING something she's busy PLANNING something. Her constant energy makes her seem younger than her 30 years.

Her goals are so far unknown and inscrutable, but appears to involve the Brown and Black Zones under her precinct, she was first encountered pursuing a mutant with animal control powers in the Black for unknown reasons.


Age 0 to 21: Unknown, unregistered with Control's census.
Age 22: Discovered fighting unknown mutants by a Control patrol, patrol assisted in driving them off.
Age 23: Joined Control
Age 25: Finished her training and entered Control's ranks as a Rookie with precinct 26C
Age 26: Fast-tracked for promotion, makes Captain before the year is out, displays unusual zeal in dealing with mutants
Age 28: Given command of Precinct 24A, promoted to Major
Age 29: Develops history of conflict with adjoining Control precincts
Age 30: Current age

Contact Intel

Montaz, ex-Control officer: "Know her? I used to WORK for her, and that's not something I miss. 24A's not like the other precincts, and it's all because of the Major. She asks a lot of questions and doesn't give many answers, a week into her job she started asking questions of Central about all sorts of stuff: How our armor was constructed, how Alpha worked, things like that. When they didn't tell her anything, she set up her own research group to get cracking on it. Whatever she found out, she didn't share with any of us.

She also didn't care much about mutants, not at all. With the other precincts, we were practically hunting muties every couple of days, with Sam it was only when one of them caused trouble. Rest of the time she just had us out gathering 'intelligence.' Of course, that was whenever we weren't running into one of her old grudges. See, we had these three or four mutants that kept causing us trouble, losing us Troopers, they even gave a Convictor the runaround several times. Sam was livid from the first time we got a description in, ordered a half dozen squads into just chasing one of them. Not hard to guess she had some sort of history.

Can't remember their names, though, something about numbers?

That shit's why I'm EX-Control now. We'd finally cornered one of them in the Yellow, a woman, can't remember it clearly, when this snarling beast drops down on us with no warning and begins tearing people apart! I only managed to get out of there because she stopped to beat one of my friends to death with his own arm. Threw most of my armor in a waste canal and started looking for a new job."

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