Sarajevo Station Bb


Welcome to Sarajevo Station! One of the foremost an extant facility in Alpha Cygni! Designed with the comfort and needs of the human species in mind! Please, fulfill your strange human needs at a safe distance from any Concordat species and their families! You wouldn't like our stations and cities anyway, trust us!

One of the many exciting features of Sarajevo Station is an up-to-date bulletin board service for keeping informed on galactic happenings and the activities of your fellow sapients!

News Bulletins

Galactic Date 2541.7.1

To assuage completely unfounded fears of pirate incursions, the Concordat Imperial Authority has licensed twenty-five new fleet formations to roam the outer reaches of the Concordat's space. While the very idea of pirate activity is ridiculous, the Concordat wishes to put all citizens' minds at ease. All citizens are encouraged to report anyone who spreads unfounded rumours about pirate activity to the nearest Concordat Navy office.

Galactic Date 2541.7.2

Panacea Enterprises reports a total loss of their V1765 research facility. The insurance claim officer puts down the cause of facility loss as "extreme solar weather."

Galactic Date 2541.7.8

During routine maintenance at the Alpha Cygni III polar research facility "Hresvelgr," engineer Horx Myxln had a nervous breakdown and set the facility's reactor to overload. Thanks to quick thinking from bonded human auxiliaries, Horx was evacuated before they could do any further damage to themselves or the facility. Terraforming plans on Alpha Cygni III are expected to proceed at pace, Engineer Myxln is currently jailed until they are to be arraigned in court and has gone on record as insisting that the facility had to be destroyed due to "killer robots."

Galactic Date 2541.7.9

Licensed Fleet Formation "Fury of Xort" has finished its sweep of the Alpha Cygni system, confirming that no pirates or other undesireables are lurking on the outskirts or in the asteroid belts. Formation Commander Orgrom insists the patrols are simply to reduce civilian shipping worries, as pirates haven't been spotted in any Concordat systems in decades.

Job Postings


Location: Deneb
Employer: Kowart Medical
Payment: 3 Fuel, Drugs

Profitable greetings, humans! We invite you to join us in a mutually beneficial endeavour at our secondary Deneb facility, where employer/employee relations between ourselves and our Amsipel employees have unfortunately reached a breaking point. They are holding several valuable personages prisoner and are refusing to meet with any Hrok negotiators! This is why we are seeking to employ you to deliver a mutually-agreeable severance package to the striking employees in the hopes that this will break the deadlock and resume routine operations. Recovering the held employees intact will also be looked on with great pleasure!


Location: KELT 9
Employer: KELT 9 Militia
Payment: 3 Fuel, Re-licensed Technologies

Attention, sapient auxiliaries. We have reports of a smuggler in unlicensed technologies pursuing his trade in the KELT 9 system. So far we have been unable to pin him down, but we suspect that a human crew may have more luck than we. Relocate yourselves to KELT 9 and contact Militia Officer Hssandra for further details.


Location: AFGL 2591, Prague Station
Employer: Kwaas Security & Shipping
Payment: 3 Fuel, Security Armaments License

Welcome back on board, humans. We need you to ship that coded data from the Panacea Enterprises medical facility to one of our codebreakers on Prague Station, the name is Ketevan Marina, a human, and they will respond to the code word "Black Ice." We have reason to believe that someone may attempt to recover the information you carry or to kill your contact, so be on your guard.

Lost & Found

Three crates of "Mesmer" Reptiles, not to be allowed near mirrors, free to a good home.
Fireworks battery, Best Before Date "2537.2.2." Handle with care.
239 socks, no matching pairs. Please take these off our hands.

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