SEAA Agent

Name: Agent Chun, Yuan Chun, "Yuchu" to her friends and family
Age: 19
Nationality: Chinese
Appearance: Chun has long, red hair about halfway down her back. Most of it's free, but usually some of it's braided. She wears loose-fitting, camouflage-green clothes to let her have full freedom of movement and an oversized, soft beret on her head with a yellow star on the front. Anyone perceptive might notice that the beret seems to be covering something definitely too hard to be hair. She's also rather leggy and relatively well-formed, though only Vasily's likely to notice that while she's trying to give him a knee to the ear.
Demeanor: Chun has excellent self-confidence and the powers to back it up. She refuses to even contemplate that what she's doing might be wrong, if SEAA has given her orders then she carries them out without a second thought. If there's any room for moral wiggle room within those orders, though, she usually errs on the nice side, that is to say, she doesn't enjoy pointless violence or cruelty, though if someone challenges her then she might take them up on a non-lethal spar.
Concept: Martial Artist, Storm-Rider, Agent.

(150 points spent)

Body: 5
Mind: 5
Soul: 5

Health: 80[(Soul + Body)x5 + (Tough)x5]
Energy: 50[(Soul + Mind)x5 + (Energy Bonus)x5]
Armor: 0
Forcefield: 8 damage reduction vs bullets/metal shrapnel

Base Combat Value: 5
Initiative: 11(13 while Superspeed is active)
Attack Combat Value: 5
Attack Combat Value(Unarmed Melee): 8
Defense Combat Value: 7

Damage Multiplier: 5
Damage Multiplier(Unarmed): 7

Damage, Martial Arts: 22
Damage, Headbutt: 36, victim must roll a 12 or better on a body check or be temporarily rattled/KO'd
Damage, Lightning Strike Leap: 22, ignores all armor/forcefields. Double damage vs Cyborgs/Robots.
Damage, Thunderclap: 15
Damage, Neural Jab: 0, victim must roll a 12 or better on a body check or be temporarily KO'd(only works against enemies unaware of Chun's presence)
Damage, Tazing Palm: 22, stun damage, rapidly recovered from. Ignores 4 ranks of Armor.

Base Jumping Distance: 3/4 body stat or Superspeed speed(if active)

(97/96 points spent)

Combat Technique(2/level): Level 3(Leaping Attack, Lightning Reflexes x 2). Cost 6
Defense Combat Mastery(10/level): Level 2. Cost 20.
Forcefield(?/Level): Level 2, vs bullets/metal/shrapnel only. 8 damage reduction.
Jumping(2/level): Level 2(10x normal jumping distance). Cost 4
Massive Damage, Unarmed(4/level): Level 2. Cost 8
Melee Attack(3/level): Level 3. Cost 9.
Mind Shield(2/level): Level 3. Cost 6.
Organizational Ties, SEAA(2/level): Level 5. High-level agent. Cost 10
Special Movement(2/level): Level 1. Storm-Riding(Agent Chun can ride through cables, electrical outlets, electronics, etc. in her lightning bolt form). Defect: Deplete 1 Cost 1.
Superspeed(12/level): Level 1. 100kph. Deplete -7, Detectable -1. Cost 4. Every minute of Superspeed drains 5 Energy Points from Agent Chun, using the attribute is accompanied by the loud crash of thunder and considerable light.
Tough(2/level): Level 6. Cost 12.
Weapon, Martial Arts(2/level): Level 2. Cost 2, half cost due to multiple Weapons
Weapon, Horned Headbutt(2/level): Level 4, Incapacitating 3. Cost 11
Weapon, Lightning Strike Leap(2/level): Level 2, Insidious, Targeted: Cyborgs/Robots. Defect: Deplete 1. Cost 2, half cost due to multiple Weapons (Agent Chun switches to her Lightning Bolt form for an instant and leaps through the target, ignoring all armor and doing double damage to anything with electronics. It drains 10 Energy whenever she does so.)
Weapon, Thunderclap(2/level): Level 1, Area 4(30m radius, self-centered). Chun gathers up a charge and smashes it into the ground, it electrocutes no one, but the sudden discharge of energy displaces air, hitting everyone near her with a shockwave.
Weapon, Neural Jab(2/level): Level 0, insidious, Incapacitating 3, Exclusive: Unaware Organic Enemies. Chun has learned how to harness her internal charge into a sort of organic tazer, a jab right at the base of the skull with two charged fingers sends most creatures smaller than an elephant into the blissful embrace of unconsciousness for at least a few minutes. Completely harmless besides.
Weapon, Tazing Palm(2/level): Level 2, Stun, Penetrating 2(ignores 4 ranks of armor). Chun strikes an enemy with the flat of her hand, doing no actual damage but delivering an unpleasant charge that can incapacitate wounded or weak enemies for a while.


Acrobatics(3/level): 2, Cost 6
Burglary(2/level): 2(Lockpicking Specialty), Cost 4
Climbing(2/level): 2, Cost 4
Computers(2/level): 2, Cost 4
Demolition(1/level): 3, Cost 3
Law(1/level): 1, Cost 1
Piloting(2/level): 2, Cost 2
Stealth(3/level): 3, Cost 9

(16 points' worth)

-Ism -6: SEAA Citizens are often regarded as somewhat backwards, employees of the SEAA government and military are furthermore usually regarded as complicit in their government's oppressive policies.
Marked -2: Agent Chun's horns are only disguiseable because she wears a particularly ridiculous hat that might as well be a mark in itself.
Owned -6: If Agent Chun disobeyed the SEAA government she would almost certainly be marked for termination.
Wanted -2: Agent Chun is almost certainly not allowed to do anything violent, illegal or intelligence-related in APTO or NERU space. She does so anyway, if anyone finds out there'd no doubt be a minor bounty on bringing her in.

270/230 points spent.

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