Second World


The Second World is considered the land between life and death. Most adventures will occur on the continent of Asarial, home of the Raveren Empire. Note that more info will be filled in as the adventure goes on and things are discovered - what is written here is what the average adventurer could potentially know.


The Age of Legends - The First Age. Marked by the reign of the and known as a time of powerful magic and myth. Ended with Moonbirth.
The Age of Conflict - The Second Age. Marked by the rise of the Aclohan Empire and the great civil war in Orelus. Ended with the Ethercrash
The Age of Darkness - The Third Age. Marked by the reign of Warlord Ulgan and the death of the old war empires. Ended with the birth of the three saints Ragar, Verenthi, and Enothyl.
The Age of Rebirth - The Fourth Age. Marked by the rise of the Empire of Raveren and the rebuilding of old nations. Ended with the official chartering of the Adventurer's Guide and the city-state of Vaverno becoming an independent nation.
The Age of Discovery - The Fifth Age, as well as the most modern one. Marked by the new interest in colonization, territory growth, and exploration into the remnents of the world before the Ethercrash

Nations of Asariel

The Empire of Raveren - The humani empire is a testament to the Fourth Age and the rebuilding of the old world into the new one. Also home to the politically independent city-state of Castiglione
Holy Kingdom of Arkaratath - The dwarven theocracy of the Kooluk mountain range. At war with the Sildari
Sildari Republic - The gnomish nation of the Kooluk mountain range. At war with the Arkaratatha.
Palenque Jungle - The once powerful elven empire of Aclohan was based in these jungles before the Ethercrash
The Great Desert of Gnassari Standing between Raveren and the southern lands, the dragonborn clans call Gnassari their home

Outside of Asariel

SecondWorldOrelus - The shattered continent in the distant east. Few who have been there returned even before the Ethercrash. Now, none have returned who attempted to travel there.
The Lands of Twilight - A strange continent to the west that the Etherstorms haven't touched. Only recently have one of the small empires begun establishing trade with the Raveren Empire
Sea of Living Gods - A once flourishing sea filled with all manner of merfolk; also home to the Flying Isles.
Astronomy - Four moons and several major constellations cover the night sky
Caliphate of Placeholder - South of the Great Desert of Gnassari is the Caliphate of Placeholder. Standing very happily inside three of the biggest trade routes, they have grown wealthy and powerful - more then enough so to challenge Raveren.

Phenomena of the Second World

The First World - The world of the fey, which sometimes seeps into the second world
The Third World - The world of shadows, which sometimes seeps into the second world
Ultra-powerful Creatures - Within the First Age lived many creatures mostly unknown in modern times - some more noted then others. Much of this is considered legend and myth, as most creatures are believed to have perished in either the Moonbirth or the Ethercrash.
Religion - A large number of religions are practiced in the Second World
Etherwind - At the end of the Second Age, the Ethercrash occured. The Etherwind storms it spawned still haunt the world.

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