In the beginning, a song was sung…

…Arkant saw the nothing and was upset, and desired order and creation, so He created the great forge in the sky. He struck the forge with the power of Life to create the sun, and the sparks that leapt from the forge became stars. He struck the forge with the power of Death to create the White Mother, and the non-sparks that leapt from the forge became the great dark spots. He forged many planets Finally, he settled on on final creation, fixed in place with mountains and filled with a life blood of magma. The shadow of the sun created the First World, and the shadow of the moon created the Third World. Finally, he created the blessed people, the dwarves, and with them he made the lesser gods of the three worlds…

…The Fair Ones saw the darkness and in it saw their reflection, and the two sides of the mirror wished to smash apart the other. Many legends were made and lived in this time; the Lady of the White Well; She Of Razors and the birth of the Orcs; the Firewalker of the ; Old Bronze Scale of the Gnassari Desert.

…Thus came the darkest hour in our peoples history, as those of scale fell to war against each other. Much Kinblood was shed, and the great Dragons who birthed us vanished from the world.

…Elam saw that the human-blooded were crying in pain, for orc whip had replaced elven altar. But when the human-blooded cried in pain, they cried to him, and he saw that his

…There was will that sang the song, and the song formed the will. It echoed across all things and became the source of life like the shine of the sun, and the life began to sing further. All beings were bathed in the light and sang the song; the songs became light and echoed farther into the dark, The first singers stood on the island in dark and sang to create new land. It was our mother. The planet became the song and knew to forgive all things; our only planet; and the planet's quiet song brought the second singers. The second singers walked on the land and sang into being other races, those of fey and those of shadow, those of man and those of beast, and the song merged and entwined with itself. But the singers grew deaf to the great song and began a new song of discord, and pain wracked the land, until man learned of the song and began to sing it in unity, and the land became three-of-one. But the third singers grew to know not the song but only the power it gave, and pain wracked the land again. The first island of man began to turn to the will of life and and sang; "we wish and search and vie for singing each desire. We want to overcome the will's law, want to get everything from the world; the power of song is ours." They burned the planet and all cried out. "Only power is justice; we rule all nature now." The greatest harmony was disrupted and our blessed planet was overcome with rage, desire, and sorrow. The planet played the mad melody until the song ruptured and broke over our mother. And a quiet darkness lasted many years.

In the beginning there was one world of three parts filled with races both mortal and immortal. The immortal fey saw the immortal lords of dark, and a grand war began. This was the Age of Legends. This era ended in Moonfall, when two legendary warriors somehow caused the world to split into three parts - the First World of Fey, the Third World of Shadow, and the Second World between. This started the Age of Conflict, as the gnomes and dwarves went to war, the elves began their conquests of humani city states, the dragonborn clans fell to bickering amongst themselves, and across the ocean on the First Continent, one powerful empire, versed in the ways of binding elementals and outsiders to power their advanced civilization, fell into brutal civil war. For reasons unknown this civil war ended when one weapon backfired, causing a chain reaction that not only wiped out the island itself, but disrupted magic across the globe. This even is known as the Ethercrash, and spawned the great etherstorms that travel the land, warping reality on all they touch. For five hundred years, the Era of Darkness covered the planet. The orcs invasion began, and the gnomes, dwarves, and elves all watched their kingdoms collapse as the magic needed to sustain them vanished. This final era ended when three great prophets arose amongst the humani - a human, half-orc, and half-elf - successfully turned the tide against the orc invasion and founded the roots of the Ravani Empire, beginning the Era of Rebirth. Technologies were uncovered or re-found, and the ruins of old world empires were colonized as new world kingdoms began to grow. Now, as the new world finishes stabilizing, a new era has begun - the Era of Discovery, starting with the foundation of the Republic of Antova, rooted in exploring the ancient ruins of the old world, finding new trade routes, and expanding into now unfamiliar territory.

You are members of the Brotherhood of Explorers of the Republic of Antova, a group of city states united in the capital city of Antova who own much of the major trade routes throughout the lands. You joined for wealth, for excitement, for the potential promise of open land, to serve your country, or to simply explore the new world. You have sworn an oath of loyalty to the Brotherhood, one that is rumored to be rooted in ancient magic to ensure you don't betray them. Some of you may be new to the Brotherhood, others may come from a family of members, and others still might have been forced into it after exile from your home. Either way, you've all met each other in some fashion or another, which has lead you to be banded together into a single group. It's time for your first mission.

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