A number of religions are believed throughout the Second World. Though the clashes between them in modern times are more typically philosophical then military, there have been holy wars and crusades in the past, and there's no small number of people in most religions that want to see their own reign supreme.


Arkantaghloan is literally translated to "Arkant Worship." The state church of the Holy Kingdom of Arkaratath, Arkantaghloan is the monotheistic belief in the dwarven god Arkant.

Creation story

The creation story of Arkantaghloan states that the Arkant saw that all things were empty and missing, and thus created the Forge of Being. He then forged the stars to shine the sky. Still feeling something was missing, Arkant forged the planets themselves. Swiftly after being made, however, these planets began to wander, angering Arkant, who cursed them to forever move and never know the stability of being still. He took to the task of creating a new world. This planet he grafted into place with the mountains, filled with the same magma that he used in his own Forge of Being. With the planet put into place, he took the liquid fire from his Forge and crafted it into the Sun, giving it the power of life. He took the cinders left over from his forge and turned it into the Red Father, giving it the power of death. The shadows from the Sun became the First World, and the shadows of the Red Father became the Third World.

Content with his creation, Arkant had but one last feat of creation to make. He took iron and stone from the mountains and used it to make the Dwarf, the perfect creature, in his own likeliness, given the spark of life from the Sun. The spark of life leapt off the dwarves and bounded across the land, giving birth to the other races - the races of men and elves and orcs. But the Red Father was jealous of the spark of life the sun had, and tried to grant life to his own dwarf. This life came out twisted and wrong, and gave birth to the Gnome. By now the spark of life had been caught and put back into the Sun. Arkath saw the Gnome and was displeased, and cursed the Red Father to lose his light regularly in repentance of his deeds.


The most intrinsic belief in Arkantaghloan is to "be a proper dwarf." Dwarven society is staunchly conservative, and their religion is no different. While proper dwarves on death will join Arkath at his great forge to both assist him and make their own creations, most other creatures are merely recycled back into the spark of life in the Sun, with gnomes being damned to return to the Red Father. However, a few more radicalist liberal priests are proclaiming that non-dwarven races can join Arkath, so long as they are properly dwarven in spirit and act. The priesthood of Arkantaghloan is typically a female run organization, and being born with golden eyes (a phenonemon that only occurs with female dwarves) is believed to be a powerful sign of His favor.

Arkantaghloan is, as previously mentioned, a very conservative religion. Recent research done at Castiglione that the world does not revolve around the Second World is being received very poorly. Adventurers are generally seen as an oddity at best by mainstream dwarven society, and it's not uncommon for parents to discipline or in some cases outright shun family members who leave to become an adventurer, feeling they've abandoned their religion. A strong work ethic, a sense of pride in tradition, an uncomplaining attitude, and a belief in an orderly wrld where everyone has their proper "place" are some of the ethics of Arkantaghloan


Nearly all believers of Arkantaghloan are dwarves, though a few isolated and strange cases of other races joining have been noticed.

Island Animism/Shamanism

The belief that there are spirits in all living things - and quite a few other types of things - and that there is a separate "spirit world."

Creation Story

Forever has existed

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