Security Log 01

Work Log, Security Officer R. J. Stephens.

[Note, all dates have been redacted and are instead relative to launch]

Day 0: Great start to the cruise, I had to lock down one of the neurotechs when he wanted to place a last-minute call to his wife. Apparently he missed the memo that anyone compromising security or stealth on this mission was getting involuntary psycho-surgery. I like having my memories intact and after a while he got the hint. We'll have to step up Mesh security, though. I'll get a hold of Comp Ops and see what they can do.

[The next thirty days or so are nothing but reports of minor issues like rowdy behavior or complaints from science team members.]

Day 31: Had several cases of cabin fever popping up lately. Two members of the Genetics team(Olav Kafka and Erin McDowell) were at each others throats when I came across them in the corridors. I had to call in a couple of synths to pry them apart and Olav is in medical getting fixed up. On later interview, Erin had no memory of the incident. I'm checking her medical records for any incidences of mental illness later tonight.

Day 31: Second log, I just had Comp Ops chief Hanlon stop by and tell me to edit that last issue out of the public incident logs. I did so… after copying it to my handheld. I don't know whose ass he's covering, but I'm keeping mine out of the water.

[A long peaceful period, then several further incidences of cabin fever, all among the genetics team]

Day 79: Christ. We've got half the Gentech team in medical and several others in the brig. What a cruise this is turning out to be. Furthermore, I'm starting to get concerned about Hanlon. He split the shipwide Mesh even further today, didn't justify it, just said he was worried about "intrusion." He wasn't yielding anything, so I pressed the rest of the team. Apparently there have been security blackouts all across the ship, unpredictable and sometimes shuts down their ability to monitor entire sections for minutes. Creepy. All I know is that it'll make my job more of a pain in the ass. Keeping my eye on Hanlon, though.

Day 80: Hanlon showed up at my quarters just after I'd gotten to sleep. He was babbling and looking over his shoulder, I couldn't make out half of what he was saying, but from what I could figure out he was complaining about the exo-wombs and vats the gentechs were using. I'm writing this a couple of hours later after it occurred to me I might want a record in case he breaks into one of the armories and starts breaking shit.

Day 80: Second log, looks like Hanlon was right to be worried. After I'd gotten some sleep I went to his quarters to check up on him… but it looks like someone checked up on HIM, first. The rest of security was already there, looks like someone broke into his cabin during one of those surveillance blackouts and murdered him. No resistance, either, and they knew exactly what they were going for: His stack. Clean and surgical. Everyone who's not busy doing science work has been drafted to start searching the ship for his stack, and for anyone with bloody hands. Implants and reports show everyone at their stations during the likely time of the murder, however, so I'm not expecting this one to get solved easily.

[Severe damage to the physical data storage makes most of the following entries unreadable]

??? ???: !#"¤!"#!"- traitors everywhere. Can't trust anyone my medichines can't stop this bleeding. Why can't they stop this fucking bleeding? We never found Hanlon's stack and then the Synths started moving oh Christ the synths. I can hear them moving again.

[Remaining logs are irretrievable]

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