Security Log 03

Partial chat log transcript, recorded by the ship's systems

AWachowski: Man, did you hear about the mess down in Genetics today?

CPatchen: Nope, Rashid's had me going over wires and synths for days. No one ever comes down to Engineering to give us the juicy gossip.

AWachowski: Well, get this. Apparently one of them snapped and started smashing up an exo-womb. Morph parts all over the place, like something out of a horror movie. Like Exsurgent Slasher IX or something.

CPatchen: You watch too much shit, Wach, why would one of the Gentechs do stuff like that? HOW would they do stuff like that? The eggheads can barely lift a wrench, and exo-wombs are pretty sturdy. Did you see this yourself? You sure it's not just another rumor?

AWachowski: I wasn't down there, but Hanlon was, he gave us the goods. Looked pretty creeped out by it, too. Can't believe anyone who'd get creeped out by a few body parts survived a week in the TQZ.

CPatchen: I'm still not buying that story. Hanlon's a computer geek, not a commando. Speaking of commandos, you up for a few rounds of TITAN Wars down in Rec once we're both free?

AWachowski: Sure thing, dibbs on the Octomorph this time.

CPatchen: I'll show you the new combo I learned with the Nova Crab Async, leave you crying for mommy.

AWachowski: Bring your A-game Charles, I'll still take you down with my eight tentacles of fury!

[Log ends]

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