Security Update

// Alright, couple of things popped up while you guys were down on, uh, Nightmare Child. I figured you'd want the heads up, here's the first. -Blezinsky

[Partial security log transcript]

"…man, this shit is creepy. One of the security cameras caught two of those slug things having a conversation and we ran Mercurial's software on it. I'm disabling the cameras down there, I never want to hear that again."

[Translation log. CC Mercurial]]

Security camera pans across a corridor recently decorated with primitive drawings of a feminine, humanoid figure in some unidentifiable liquid. Chem-sensors detect the liquid as biohazardous. Two "Interrobangs" walk into view, they are having an animated "conversation" with their limbs and both have adopted the black-and-white monochrome colouration of the one that devoured Mantis Operative Petya Kiril's brain.

"…we are second-born of the black mother, we shepherd her first-born when they trespass and fail her. We were cast into the darkness to be the watchers of the imperfect and flawed…"

// Got interrupted by some static, I'm honestly pretty happy about that. -Blezinsky

"…peace through fear, peace through hatred, peace through secrets."

// And that was the end of that, no more cameras picked them up. Next one's a report from some of Mercurial's automated software. Looks like it was processing some image he snapped while he was down on their decks. -Blezinsky

"Implementation of the MkII Interrobang Device would: Disrupt all G-Drive travel within two light-hours by simulating a massive gravitational source to all grav-sensors. The MkI Device would impede all FTL communications in a roughly equal volume of space."

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