Serge Alexandre

Serge Alexandre


Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Constitution: 3
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 2
Perception: 2

Derived Stats:
Life Points: 32
Endurance Points: 40
Essence: 12


Guns[Dex](Pistols/Submachineguns): 5
Guns[Dex](Rifles/Shotguns): 5
Hand Weapons[Str](Knives): 5
Athletics[Str/Dex]: 3
Brawling[Dex]: 2
Dodge[Dex]: 3
Resistance[Con]: 2
Stealth[Dex]: 3
Throwing[Str]: 2


Quickload Champion: Can spend 2 essence(5 for heavy weapons) to reload a weapon without expending an action(or turn, in the case of heavy weapons)
Fast Reaction Time: +3 Initiative, +1 to resist any psionic effect that tries to terrify you.
Nerves of Steel: +4 to resist any effect that tries to terrify or control you(psionics, being on fire, etc.).
Poor Focus: -3 to any Aim actions.
Recurring Nightmares: Start every day -1d10 Endurance Points and -1d4 Essence.


Punch: 1d4*Str [blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier]
Kick: 1d4*Str+1 [blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier]
Large Knife: 1d6*Str [Sharp Weapons multiply damage by 2 after armor]
.45 SMG: 1d8*4, 20 round magazine [Automatic]
Shotgun: 1d6*5 [2x Birdshot, +2 to Hit, no post armor multiplier] 1d8*6 [4x Buckshot, +1 to Hit, no Post armor multiplier], 1d8*5 [2x Slug], 8 Round Magazine


Class IIa Armor: 15 Protection, 0 Encumbrance
Hearing Protection: Halves hearing penalty from Flashbangs
1x 20 round .45 Magazine
1 Shell pouch containing [8x Buckshot Shells, 4x Birdshot shells, 4x Slugs]

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