Serge Alexandre

Serge Alexandre


Strength: 4
Dexterity: 2
Constitution: 3
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 2
Perception: 2+1

Derived Stats:
Life Points: 62
Endurance Points: 40
Essence: 2


Guns[Dex](Pistols/Submachineguns): 5
Guns[Dex](Rifles/Shotguns): 5
Hand Weapons[Str](Knives): 5
Athletics[Str/Dex]: 3+4
Brawling[Str]: 3
Dodge[Dex]: 3+4
Resistance[Con]: 2
Stealth[Dex]: 3-4
Throwing[Str]: 2
Notice[Per]: 1


Quickload Champion: Can spend 2 essence(5 for heavy weapons) to reload a weapon without expending an action(or turn, in the case of heavy weapons)
Fast Reaction Time: +3 Initiative, +1 to resist any psionic effect that tries to terrify you.
Nerves of Steel: +4 to resist any effect that tries to terrify or control you(psionics, being on fire, etc.).
Poor Focus: -3 to any Aim actions.
Recurring Nightmares: Start every day -1d10 Endurance Points and -1d4 Essence.
Pack Mule: Can carry three extra full reloads for any of their own weapons, or any of their teammates' weapons.


Total Torso Augmentation: Replaces the spine and ribcage with upgraded cybernetic alternatives allowing for the mounting of more advanced cybernetic substitutes. Reduces maximum Essence by 10, increases maximum Life Points by 30, makes the augmented agent susceptible to Machine Empathy and Machine Control, grants the Pack Mule quality for free and increases armor for any Torso hits by 5.
Full-Replacement Cybernetic Legs: Completely replaces the legs with cybernetic alternatives, granting +4 to Athletics and Dodge, and increasing the total strength modifier for Kicks to +5 rather than the standard +1. Increases armor for any leg hits by 5. Penalizes Stealth by 2 due to the noisiness of the leg servos.
Full-Replacement Cybernetic Arms: Fully replaces the arms with cybernetic alternatives, increasing Strength by 3 for the purpose of anything that doesn't explicitly not use your arms. Adds +5 armor to resist any hits to the arms or hands.
Natural Perception Augmentation: Gouges out your eyes and ears and replaces them with improved machine variants. Take only half penalties from Flashbangs and similar devices, +2 to base Perception, but powerful EMP blasts may set your eyes and ears into rebooting, leaving you blind and deaf temporarily.
Psi Resistant Skull: Increases Psionic Resistance by 6, increases armor by 5 against head shots, reduces Perception by 1. Rumours that this augmentation is 90% weaving tin foil fibers through the subject's scalp are unfounded.


Punch: 1d6*9 [blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier]
Kick: 1d6*10 [blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier]
Alloy Sword: 1d8*8
Plas Gun: 1d8*9 Damage, 4 Ammunition [Shotgun-type weapon that uses a laser pulse to rapidly turn a block of plastic into a short-lived, short-ranged plasma blast. Listed damage is for melee range, damage multiplier drops by 1 for every five meters of range.]


Standard Power Armor [30 Protection, 0 encumbrance]
Hearing Protection: Halves hearing penalty from Flashbangs
1x 20 round .45 Magazine
1 Shell pouch containing [8x Buckshot Shells, 4x Birdshot shells, 4x Slugs]

Total EXP Spent


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