Shadow of the Titan

General Info

Shadow of the Titan: The PCs, all members of the Cromlech 8-and-10, have been hand-picked/volunteered/randomly assigned to AnTS duty.
- Dark Heresy.
- Enjoy 1750 extra starting XP. Hooray!
- Enjoy an additional reroll in character generation and being able to arrange stats where you wish.
- Available classes are Guardsman, Assassin, and Scum without GM approval, others with approval.
- Available books are Dark Hershy Core, Inquisitor's Handbook, and Radical Inquisitor's Handbook
- OOC is #Liquor&Nicotine; IC is #AnTS

The Hit List

Popgun (MIA) -
Aegelward (???)-
Comissar_Cornflakes -

Starting Equipment suppliments (these may not be sold pregame)

- Uniform (if none already)
- Explosive Collar and/or Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer (in addition to any other) (optional)
- Tactical Tomahawk or Combat Knife (both use same stats)
- 4x ammunition for starting ammo for "Starting Gear" chosen weapons
- 6x Meltabombs, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades and/or Demolition charges (in any combination)
- Ammo Webbing and Backpack containing: Military Lamp Pack; 9-70 entrenching tool; Gas Mask; Canteen; Sleeping system; 1 Weeks Soylens Viridiens; Whistle; Compass; Dog Tags.

The Story So Far

… Situated roughly halfway between Jagga, Corinthe, and Badab, Cromlech is one of a handful of Imperial corpseworlds- worlds dedicated to the refinement of several trillion tonnes of human corpses every year.
… Cromlech boasts a population of around twelve billion, the vast majority of whom are either indentured in the Cromlech Guard or working in resource retrieval, body-shipping, corpse-grinding, or any one of a hundred other cadaver-related industries, and maintains a heavy tithe.
… Cromlech maintains a full force of one hundred and thirty Guard regiments, each numbering an average of five thousand men, including around one thousand auxiliaries. These auxiliaries are effectively a 'dumping ground' for survivors of depleted regiments, lost stragglers, and penal legionnaires transferees, and are mixed in with their fellows.

… Cromlech's climate is best described as "wet", and the terrain "rugged". Many mountainous islands cross the world, reminiscent of giant stalagmites trust from the seas and snapped: all experience rain a great deal of the time, and much of the world's fauna is adapted to living on the shores. Its poles are cold but too rainy to keep more than a little ice, and the planets' equator is notably warm, but not to a sweltering extent.

… One notable Cromlech guard regiment is the Cromlech Eighth, a four-thousand six-hundred and twenty strong force containing two thousand four hundred and nine auxilia, and has the highest auxiliary:Cromlech recruit of any native regiment. Divided into ten companies, the Cromlech Eighth is led by Colonel Clinton Osterwald, known for his incredible patience and impressive cost-efficiency.
The regiment uses Chimera chassis vehicles by preference, and in vast numbers, being my nature a mechanized heavy-infantry division.
… All Cromlech companies have at least one AnTS unit in their composition, a dedicated Anti-Titan Squad tasked with dealing with the most dangerous of enemies to appear on Imperial battlefields. Armed with meltabombs, magnagrapples, and a surprising degree of independence, they're expected to face off against everything from the perfidious Tau battlesuits to the scrap-iron monstrosities of the Orks.

… Of the Cromlech Eighth, the Tenth Company (Led by Captain Schwarzotter) has the most auxilia at three hundred axiliaries to a scant one hundred recruits. Amoungst these men are the 8-10 AnTS.

The Cromlech Guard: Practices

… Most of Cromlech's manufactured goods are reclaimed from the dead or manufactured in Cromlech's equatorial forge complex. The rest generally is sourced heavily from the forge world of Audino IV, most notably those non-Chimera-based vehicles used in the Cromlech Guard.
… The Chimera chassis is the most popular STC in the Cromlech guard, and variants are even used in civilian applications throughout the world. In a remarkably self-perpetuating cycle, the Chimera is popular because it is so frequently manufactured by the equatorial forges, and the forges manufacture it because it is so popular. Leman Russ variants, on the other hand, are almost painfully rare in the Cromlech armouries; save for a few select companies, most regiments will have three or less Leman Russes, with many having none.
… Other tanks designs fare better- Cromlech can, and does, manufacture both Crassus and Gorgons; Baneblade variants are also present, often in stripped-down patterns. Even Rhinos, normally the purvey of the Astartes, hold some popularity among senior officers.
… The general look of Cromlech vehicles is austere, and somewhat worn. Many have obvious replacement parts or nonstandard weapon-layouts, most of which are clearly scavenged from infantry weapons. They are, however, extremely functional, if a nightmare to fix when damaged.
… The Cromlech Guard is noted for its use of the tactical tomahawk as the close combat weapon of choice. A fourteen-inch drop-forged steel haft mounting a reinforced head sharp enough to strip leather but durable enough to hack through ceremite, the tactical tomahawk is every bit as effective a combat weapon as the combat knife found in most Guard armories; it is, however, rather heavier and is unable to be used as a bayonet, and thus has not generally caught on in many guard regiments.

… The Cromlech Guard uniform is camouflage-based, optimized for combat in low-light areas heavy on dust and smoke. It is a randomly-shifting gradient from dark, dull grey to a dark, dull purple, flecked with pastel red and lighter grey-purple tones.



Common ingredients in Cromlechi rations include:
- Peprik, a red-black spice;
- Salt, sugar and/or amasec vinegar;
- Soylens viridiens, grox, rat, or perdegris chum- minced, corned and in briskets and strips, or steaks;
- Goat or bitch cheese;
- Tanna, normally with goat milk and sugar;
- Gallus and/or pull-ostrich eggs;
- Red mortshrooms and/or black mortshrooms, actually pink or brown corpse-harvested fungi (NEVER whiteshrooms);
- Sea-belladonna leaves;
- Chillis, chickpeas, scallions, radishes, citrusgrass, fennel, rice and corn;
- Lemon-berries, lime-berries, and orange-berries;
- Lotus and raffesia bulbs, leaves, and roots;
- Pasta and bread, normally from corpseflour and gallus eggs.

Some common meals include black bread with bitch butter and soylens pastrami with lotus leaves; perdegris and scallion sausages; stuffed rafflesia; lotus, corn, and mortshroom stew; gallus soup-bars; and corned rat brisket in salt, with humus, lime berries, and black bread.
The concept of a subtle flavour in Cromlech cookery is a lost one. There again, when much of the food grows on corpses, it's not such a bad thing.

Characters of Note:

Captain Edgar Schwarzotter of the 8-10: A man with a boring voice and frighteningly piercing eyes, Schwarzotter excels as a leader in certain particular regards. Extremely capable in predicting enemy movements and Directing battlefield movements, Schwarzotter's main failings are an almost pathological difficulty with actually holding ground and often sends his men to fight enemies more easily avoided. He, however, seems perfectly at home sitting in whatever command centre he's most recently claimed.
Rides the company 8-10 "Mill of God" Crassus as a matter of course.

Commissar Wyan "Bones" Ossophore: Lieutenant-Commissar of the 8-10, Wyan is a plump and jolly man, his attitude belied by a fierce ruthlessness. Opinions of him are heavily polarized in the 8-10: those who enlisted from Cromlech generally like him, but his harshness on Auxiliaries finds him very little favour among them. He also has a reputation for toadying up to senior commissars, and also coddles those commissars of a lower rank.

Lieutenant Ernst Hudson Keller: Logistics officer of the 8-10. Technically an NCO. A tired and skinny man who clearly doesn't sleep enough. Pallor doesn't help, and his bright blue eyes only make their sockets look deeper. Displays a competence in battlefield retrieval (read: looting the dead) impressive even among the Cromlechi. Runs a secret gambling ring.
Everyone knows Commissar Wyan funds people to take part. No-one calls him on it.

Belthezar Methuselah DeQuery: Ministorum Priest attaché to the 8-10, apparently born in M38. Lost in time due to warp storm. A genuinely happy person who seems delighted just to be alive on each Emperor-blessed day. Rather tall for his physique and with a bovine cast to his features.

Inquisitor Kolm Havelock Rothskinder: An Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor who has attached himself to the Cromlech Guard 8th company and is frequently found here. Apparently, the combination of so many survivors of massacres and the number of people who spent decades in casual contact with corpses makes the Inquisition suspicious.
Face is clearly an augmetic fake. Is polite enough to wear a hood and not talk directly to people. Has interviewed each member of the 8-10 personally on at least one point. A fond subject of gossip in the 8th company.

Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Doktor Dirk Flugelmesser: Short, bald, and with the rest of his hair so fine and so translucent a blonde it's hard to see from a few feet away. Constantly chewing cugarette butts that he nurses far longer than the cigarettes themselves. Excellent at his craft, especially physiological fixing. Makes his own menschenvellum bandages. Surprisingly popular with the ladies.

Sprenghund: Loyal cybermastiff mascot of the 8-10. Black and burnished steel in colouration. Every part that isn't metal is saggy and wrinkled and probably not part of the original dog, anyway. Theorized to be older than anyone else in the regiment, including Belthezar. Technically a bomb. Doing quite well for all that.

Myrmidon-pattern Chimera: The signature vehicle of the AnTS. A Chimera variant related to the Salamander, the Myrmidon Armoured Transport is made from lightweight materials and bears an entirely overhauled engine design, making it both incredibly fast and reliable, at the further expense of armour, armament, and the complicated sensor-systems and such found in other Salamander variants.
Able to fit 12 men, with a sustainable 120 km/h speed (75 km/h offroad) and armed with a turret frag launcher, a hull-mounted twin-linked flamer, and a pintle-mounted heavy stubber, the Myrmidon is well suited to a fast assault insertion through heavy infantry defence.

Myrmidon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 points

BS Front Side Rear
Myrmidon 3 11 10 10

Unit Type:
• Vehicle (tank, open topped, fast)
Special rules:
• Mobile Command Vehicle
• Sensitive Systems

Transport Capacity:
• 12 Models
Weapons and equipment:
• Myrmidon frag launcher
• Twin-linked flamer
• Searchlight
• Smoke Launcher

• Replace Myrmidon frag launcher with:
- Twin-linked grenade launcher. . . . . . . . . . .free
• Replace twin-linked flamer with:
- Twin-linked heavy stubber. . . . . . . . . . . . . .free
• Take any of the following:
- Pintle-mounted storm bolter, heavy stubber or
twin-linked bolter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 pts
- Camo-netting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 pts

Sensitive System:
The carefully upgraded motive systems of the Myrmidon are significantly less rugged than those of other Chimera. Whenever the Myrmidon suffers a glancing or penetrating hit, roll a die on the table below before rolling on the vehicle damage table.

Mobile Command Vehicle:
An officer embarked within a Myrmidon may still issue orders to squads. Measure ranges and line of sight from any point of the Myrmidon’s hull.

Roll Effect
1-2 No vital systems have been compromised.
3-4 Mildly damaged. The Myrmidon stops being a fast vehicle.
5-6 Severely damaged. The Myrmidon is immobilised.

Range Str. AP Type
Myrmidon frag launcher 48" 3 6 Rapid Fire, Blast


May the Divine God-Emperor Always and Without Pause Protect and Shield This World and Her Inhabitants Wherever They May Go from the Depredations Most Foul Evinced by those Vainglorious Fools that Throw Themselves: from the Light of His Mercy into the Foul Depravity and Baleful Carnage and Clandestine Scheming and Baneful Lack of Hygiene of the Heretical Forces; and from the Manifold Leviathan Threats of the Savage and the Arrogant and the Perfidious Myriad Alien Threats; and from the Black Hearts and Silver Tongues of Witches Most Foul until in Duty and in His Most Holy and Profound of Names We Do So Die in the Joy of Knowledge of a Life Lived in His Most Holy of Names and At Last Spent in His Most Holy of Names is Never Wasted, more commonly known as "May", is a class 7 forge world a few light years spinward of the Maelstrom.

…A medium-size world with maybe five billion in populace, May is rather temperate, but characterised by massively rugged terrain; crevasses and cliffs are very common, and moss seems to have overtaken grass as the most common form of vegetation. Nonetheless, the world is self-sufficient for the most part, with an amount of arable land more than able to sustain its population.

…Unlike most forge worlds, there are few industrial factories on May- rather, the planet deals with skilled labour, engraving atomic chains and attaching filaments into certain rare and specialised devices, most notably the vaunted power weapons seen on certain battlefields.
Fourteen years ago, a relatively nearby world- Miselpis- fell to the aforementioned "Heretical Forces", and thus far all attempts to reclaim it have failed. Since then, the chaos cult of the Coven of the Life Unlived, with support from several members of the Black Legion chaos astartes and an entire detachment of the Twisted Helix chaos astartes legion.

…Keen to expand their influence, the Coven and allies have launched an assault on May. In respose, the May 1st and 2nd have been recalled, and the Marduk 4th, the Cromlech 8th, 10th, 11th, 30th, 72nd, 77th, and elements of the 6th and 31st, the Cadian 6th, 81st, 82nd, 83rd, and 211th, and elements of the 212th, the Soong 3rd and 6th, the Pandoran Guard 1st, 9th, 18th, 81st, 100th, and 101st have all been dispatched to help combat the threat, along with a company of the Cerulean Reavers astartes and support from the Titan Legions of the Legio Favillifex (Ash Makers) and the Legio Morlux (Red Wind).

…Currently, the Cromlech 8th are stationed in the 7th jurisdictional division, Grace, on a northeastern continent. They have as far been strategically moved, holding ground or blunting traitor guard advances and restricting their movement, and have seen little combat: however, the city-complex of Kestrels has recently fallen despite the efforts of the majority of the 10th and support form the 8th. Engagement with Miselpis Butchers regiments is certain to occur.

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