Name: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Over seven feet tall, often walks hunched over, covered in rags, ash-grey skin, usually wielding some large blunt object or improvised axe.
Mutant Powers: Superstrength, ability to command unintelligent animals

Contact Intel

Heero, mercenary: "Animal control? That's bullshit, look, I've heard that campfire story before, some creepy mutant who'll sic the spiders on you. I'll tell you again: No such thing as animal control. Look at yourself, most mutants only affect themselves. Sure, you've got the occasional telepath or guy who can sling fire, but affecting an entire herd of animals at once? Not even the big telepaths can do that, they can barely even connect to minds that aren't human, and several at once? Impossible.

Yeah, I heard about the raids recently. There was even a lull in them, but they've started up again. Either someone's just been training his Pitchdogs and Skitters well, or the animals are desperate for food.

Stealing scrap? Well, animals are goddamn dumb. 'sides, birds steal shiny objects, right? Some do, anyway.

Look, I'm still not buying it. If there WAS a guy who could control animals, every Control Trooper in the Urban would be on his ass. That shit would be dangerous, can you imagine someone who could command a swarm of rats? Those could get in anywhere, gnaw apart security, sabotage locking systems, steal keycards…

Hey, if this guy is real, do you think he'd need a partner? Just curious."

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