Silvers were originally humans, but over centuries and decades of cybernetic modification and experimentation free of ethical inflexibility, they've almost become a race unto themselves. They generally exist in a post-scarcity enviroment where they have nothing to work for, nothing to worry about and rather a lot of boredom. This has spurred them to engage in rather a lot of horrible and risky behavior simply to remove some of the tiresome ennui of existence, to outsiders this tends to make them look like violent, superpowered children. It's really not far off the mark.

They are enemies of the Mars Protectorate for a variety of reasons, not to mention previous wars and bad blood, as well as the Terrans because the Terrans consider their modifications to be impure heresy.

In the first season of Ginnungagap they are present mainly as antagonists.

Silvers are usually very, very strong but also very, very arrogant and so it is easy to trick them into not using their full power, or using it stupidly, like Hex did in Episode 2.

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