Silver Dominion

The Silver Dominion is a splinter faction of the Terran Republic, originally founded by radical scientists who refused to bow to the Republic's slow pace of development and paranoia of high technology. As a response, they embraced almost everything the Republic banned, mostly widespread cybernetic augmentation(particularly mental) and smarter-than-human artificial intelligences. They were also the first faction to develop reliable Faster Than Light drives.

Extreme individualism marks everything about them, they rarely gather in any large groups, and at the first sign of disagreement they tend to simply splinter and go their separate paths, though violent confrontations are not unheard of. About the only thing that makes them group together is when any of them are under military threat from the High Benevolence of Divine Metamorphosis or the Terran Republic. Coherent political leadership is anathema to them, though they occasionally elect temporary dignitaries to sign deals on behalf of the entire Silver Dominion, such as the recent peace accords, but even then, many fringe groups of the Silver Dominion are still at war, or engaged in piracy.

The loneliness encountered on the edges of human space, along with their small groupings and radical neural augmentations have also lead to a high incidence of mental illness among the Silver Dominion.

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