Slam!, always spelled with the exclamation mark, is an eventual evolution of rugby/football which is played from the tallest spire to the deepest Black zone pit.

Depending on the layer, the exact form varies, usually becoming less technologically advanced and more brutal as you descend deeper, but the ultimate goal is always to KO the enemy team or to get the ball(or severed head, in some cases) to the enemy's end zone. There are also several popular VR games based on it, and even cyber-leagues whose top players earn almost as much as the top players of SpireSlam!. Even Control precincts tend to field the occasional team for inter-precinct Slam! matches, the winner of which gets to participate in the official leagues.

Green Slam! is the most high-tech and prestigious, the players often have jetpacks or cybernetic wings and whatever violence is involved is largely in the form of ritualized "taps" with stun batons or just knocking opponents into "strike-out" zones.

Blue Slam! is the average, the players wear proper padded armor and it's generally frowned upon to do any worse damage than bruises or concussions.

Yellow Slam! is where it starts getting nasty, broken limbs are common-place, but many of the star players are regenerating mutants, anyway, so it's less bad than it sounds. Armor's a luxury, not a requirement.

Brown Slam! tends to treat armor as an offensive weapon, usually it's covered in so many spikes that it's dangerous even for the WEARER, and scoring goals with the ball is a distant secondary purpose behind smacking the opposing team around with improvised weapons.

Black Slam! isn't really Slam!, even though it still attracts large audiences. Usually it's used as a ritualized form of conflict resolution between gangs where the audience participates by throwing grenades, glass and rocks at the team they're not supporting. Instead of a ball, the secondary objective is often something else, usually something violent, or the entire point of it is a team-vs-team smackdown to determine which gang wins some right or another.

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