Munkhoi Tsetsegmaa

Name: Munkhoi Tsetsegmaa/Tsetse
Age: 17
Race: Gnoll (F) (Uses Orc template)
Class/Level: Ranger Variant- Steppe Nomad 5

Str: 18+4
Dex: 18+1 at level 4
Con: 8
Int: 10-2
Wis: 12-2
Cha: 9-2

HP: 18 (5d8- 8-1, 4-1, 6-1, 3-1, 1-1)
AC: 21 (10+4+4+1+2)

Ride 8 (14)
Use Rope 8 (12)
Survival 8 (9)
Spot 8 (9)
Listen 8 (9)
Handle Animal 8 (7) - +2 to Ride

Feats and Powers:
Favored Enemy: Animals; Track; Wild Empathy; Endurance; Mounted Combat; Point Blank Shot (lvl 1); Mounted Archery (lvl 3).

Steppe Nomad power substitutions:
- Combat Style (level 2) becomes Mounted Combat;
- Improved Combat Style (level 6) becomes Improved Mounted Combat (below);
- Combat Style Mastery (Level 11) becomes Mounted Fighting.
- Animal Companion and Spellcasting becomes Paladin Mount (gained at level 4). Your Ranger level equals and stacks with your Paladin level. Mounts killed may be replaced after a week of bonding with a new animal.

Improved Mounted Combat (Based on the Saddleback regional feat from Player's Guide to Faerun)
You may always ‘Take 10’ on Ride checks.
If either you or your mount fail a Reflex save while mounted, you may make a Ride check to use instead of the saving throw roll. If both you and your mount failed, you both can use the new roll. This ability can be used once per round."

Keen Scimitar- 2,015gp.
Heavy Lance- 10gp.
Executioner's Mace- 75gp.
Dessicating Mighty +4 Composite Longbow- 2,500gp.
+1 Mithral Chain Shirt with Riding Straps- 2,300gp.
Mithral Rider's Shield- 1,075gp.
3 x Machete (Kukri)- @8gp, 24gp.
Masterwork Chain Shirt Barding- 700gp
Bridle- 2gp
Military Saddle- 20gp
Saddlebags- 4gp
Backpack- 2gp
Bedroll- 1sp
Winter Blanket- 5sp
Flint and Steel- 1gp
3 Fishhooks- 1sp
Small steel mirror- 10gp
10 days' trail rations- 5gp
Sack- 1sp
200 feet of silk rope- 40gp
Waterskin- 1gp
Whetstone, 4 chalk, 4 candle- 1sp
200 arrows- 10gp
3 Vicious Arrow- 120gp
10 days' horsefeed- 5sp
Sewing needle- 5 sp
1 Blessed Bandage- 10gp

375 gp left

Heavy Warhorse Mount

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