South America

Name: South America
Type: Continent
Status: Total Chaos
Hypnos-Rating: N/A

By 2070, most of the Amazon Rainforest had been irreperably damaged. Pollution, logging, mining and hunting had essentially shoved nature past the point where it could regenerate. Even desperate programs to clean up the pollution, clone endangered species and replant lost forest were doomed. That is, until a brilliant scientist got an inspired idea: Why just fix the damage? Why not make the place better than it was before? Genetically engineered plants capable of settling in, and even cleaning, polluted soil, would be ideal. Genetically engineered animals with high fertility rates capable of surviving high amounts of organically bound mercury and the like would be perfect to fit into the new ecosystem.

The plan was initiated in 2081, after eleven years of research at a breakneck pace. It was succesful. Too succesful.

At first the growth was merely impressive, then it became alarming. Trees and bushes grew at the pace of kudzu on meth, swarming over entire towns in a night. New animals displaced old species and some developed unfortunate tastes for human flesh, adding to the sudden foliage's destructive properties.

By 2083, humanity in South America was pushed back to the Coastal Brazilian Gray Zone, a series of fortress cities that had managed to avoid being overwhelmed by plants.

The new forests of South America are beautiful but deadly, resounding with the cacophonous, joyous voices of a hundred new species, bristling with a hundred new thorns and poisons and alluring with new blossoms and fruits never seen before. A lot of plans have been suggested for reclaiming South America, but none have so far been devised that wouldn't leave it a bleak desert afterwards.

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