Space History


Distant past: Stuff happens. The Ancients plant humanity in several hundred worlds across the region of the galaxy known as Charted Space, then promptly explode in the ominously-named Final War.

-4045: Human offshoot called the Vilani found the Ziru Sirka (Grand Empire of Stars), later known as the First Imperium. They subjugate (economically more than militarly) other less advanced human and alien civilizations they encounter. The Vilani ensure social stability with a rigid caste system.

-2400: the United Nations of Terra create the Terran Confederation (AD 2024).

-2408 to -2219: Interstellar Wars between Terran Confederation and Vilani First Imperium.

-2204: Terran Confederation defeats and takes over the Vilani, incorporating their empire. Rule of Man a.k.a. Second Imperium begins.

circa -1776: The Rule of Man slowly fades as society falls apart, beginning the period later known as the Twilight.

-1776 to -1526: Twilight. Collapse of interstellar civilization, trade and government and regression to planetary or balkanized governments.

-1526: Rule of Man officially ends. Long Night Begins.

-1526 to 0: Long Night. Interstellar decline and anarchy. End of organized government and trade. Regression of science and technology. Slowly, over the centuries, isolated interstellar nations begin to pop up again.

0: Sylean Federation Grand Duke Cleon Zhunastu expands his dukedom's borders, reforms government and finally declares the Third Imperium as a heir of the previous two, with universal citizenship. Crowns himself Cleon I.

589-620: The expanding Third Imperium comes in contact of the psychocratic Zhodani Consulate. First and Second Frontier Wars. The two powers will keep being at odds with each other up to the present day.

871: The Solomani Autonomous Region in the Third Imperium (encompassing the old Terran Confederation) declares itself independent as the Solomani Confederation. Justification comes from the Solomani Movement, the doctrine that mankind originates from Terra and therefore Solomani are superior and the very best of mankind. The Third Imperium does not intervene.

990: As Solomani expansion begins to become a threat to the Third Imperium and spill out of their original borders, the Solomani Rim War begins.

1002: Third Empire sieges and conquers Terra. War ends as both Imperium and Solomani agree to a ceasefire, exhausted.

1105: Present day.

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