Initial Survey Data

Atmosphere: Human-breathable
Mean Temperature: 21C(Day)/5C(Night)
Gravity: 1.0G
Notes: Orbits an M-Class star, advanced life, gravitational oddities.
Visual Feed: Columns of stacked stone surround a bowl-shaped depression in the ground, dark-green alien plantlife throngs the edges of the bowl, but nothing grows past the rim of the bowl and nearer the Pandora Gate.
Audio Feed: Clicking and buzzing of plentiful insectoid life.

Astronomical Survey Data

0 AU: Local Sun
0.56 AU: Asteroid Belt, "Argent Asteroids"
0.64 AU: Dwarf Planet?, "Gilgamesh"
0.7 AU: Terran Planet, "Silverwheel"
28.8 AU: Jovian, "Ishtar"

Theoretical Astronomical Objects: Further asteroids between Silverwheel and Ishtar
Orbital Anomalies: Current analysis suggests that the path of Ishtar has previously been affected by other large objects in orbit, perhaps accompanying moons, perhaps Chthonian planets, perhaps one or more other Jovians. So far we have found none of them in expected orbits. Either these planets are missing or our theories are failing to accurately predict their orbits.

Colonial Charter

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
Use once and destroy.

Mapping Data

Up to date map

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Alright Thanat, here's what you girls' immediate area looks like--/-Hey, I'm a guy, so technically the proper form is "you guys" because--/-But you're outnumbered and outsmarted, so shut up and listen.
There's a bit of a jungle surrounding the gate, quite dense but its bendy trees are shorter than Earth's. Also a lot of insects, it's gross. We haven't seen anything but insects and arthropods yet. And some glow in the dark too, how fun.
West and south of the gate, looks like a savannah. Tall grass, still a lot of trees, looks drier than the jungle, and with the higher oxygen content, better not light a fire there.
Northeast, a mountain range, goes down to the sea, vegetation doesn't reach far high up. The mapping missile was shot before getting enough points of reference for proper measurement, but they're definitely mountains.
East, a lot of water. Now we know it's full of coral close to the shore, hosts all sorts of life, and megafauna, and that unlike Earth oceans, it doesn't contain much salt, and is alkaline.
-/-Aren't you going to explain what's that?-/-No, look it up yourself, it'll be therapeutic. Trust me, I'm your psychologist.
Now your daring feats of exploration also revealed a dune system south of the savannah, too early to tell how lively it is and how local winds interact with it.
Further south, desert. There's a lot of reflective surfaces.
-/-Right, maybe solar panels, good spot for those I suppose.-/-
Finally, the islands. They look to be covered in dense vegetation, jungles again. The one closest to us, the shore is barely visible under all the green, and it's a lighter green than the mainland. The one further east has quite a lot of relief, maybe it's volcanic?
-/-The closer one also bobs up and down with the flow. Maybe it's a big beastie too.-/-That's stupid, Thanat. You're stupid. Next, points of interest:

Points of Interests

So, clockwise, with the gate as center--/-Wait! What's clockwise?-/-Oh my god Thanat, fuck you. There, I put numbers, asshole. Still less than eight so you can count on your tentacles.
0 This is the Pandora Gate, you came from there just a few days ago, and I know you didn't mess with narcoalgorithms so you didn't forget.
1 Somewhere in the apparent middle of the mountain range, the mapping missile spotted a reflective surface.
-/-Mirror? Glass? Lake? Ice?-/-Why are you asking me? I don't know, go and find out or send someone.
2 A wide expanse of gray and white, along the coast. The same color as the lines.
-/-A dried river delta? A giant parking lot? A shitload of mollusc shells?-/-Dude, stop asking.
3 Some light. It seems to be at ground level.
-/-A lighthouse? Nah the light'd be way up. Another expedition?-/-Stop interrupting me.
4 This is approximately where the railgun shot came from, as calculated by your friends Liz and Lahmia, from the mapping missile's video.
-/- -/-Did you just send me an empty thought just to be annoying?
5 A bunch of large black boulders. It could be natural, but it stands out.
-/-Maybe this planet's Stonehenge?-/-Boulders, not standing stones, Thanat…

There's odd white lines, with 60 and 120 degrees angles. Might be a dry river bed, or roads. Might be worth checking out, you know? It fit hexagons, so I made it a simplified map just for you.
-/-Gee, thanks.-/-
Once those little spider robots were spotted, tracking them and finding more of them was easy, they seem to patrol the area within the red dotted line. It would be extremely interesting to me if you could check whether they'll follow you into the water or not..

-/-That all? Thanks Buzz, now reformat everything and send it to the others, update as we go.-/-No, I'll send it raw like that, your whining included.-/-Damnit, once we're settled, swear I'll delete you, I'll do it this time, for real.-/-I look forward to it. Further whining included.

Update, day 5

In yellow, the Forbidden Zone, as decreed by the fascist bots.
The desert turns out not to be littered with fancy solar panels full of rare earths, but instead giant quartz crystals.
PoI1 could be quartz.
I realise you might be about to get shot at by space robot cops (well deserved, too) but I wanted to update the map infos before worrying over your, and my, survival.

Update, day 30

Finally, someone doing proper exploration! Don't feel too bad, I really didn't have high expectations for you guys.
PoI1 turns out to be a frozen lake, with alien structures taken in the ice.
PoI6 is more alien structures, built for unknown purposes and destroyed in mysterious ways.
The swamp north of the mountain range is dotted with impact craters, some of which are, as you can see, big enough to show up on these shitty maps.
I expect you'll check out this place in about six months or so, maybe?

Update, day 46

PoI1 has been blown up a bit and you've sealed the coolant leak, we'll see how it develops.
PoI7 The wall, as discovered by Kinkulon a few days ago.
PoI8 The sunken city ruins. Let's call it London Fallen.
Tunnels are shown on the map.

Splinter Gate

  • Gatehouse - Also knows as "the sketch of a gatehouse, by day", it's a politico-social commentary on how everyone on Sol has finished, completed and unevolving gatehouses while ours still has a lot of potential and not much else
  • Prefab - standard prefab, a safe and pressurized spot for travelers to stop at

London Falling

  • Datacenter - Under the warehouse, above a native ruins' canal. -
  • Warehouse - "the walls are primarily carbon-plastic(created from recycled rubble and various unfortunate small animals and plants that Urist has found), reinforced by spars of silicon/quartz crystal(made from the plentiful local sand), and mostly underground, with only low, bunker-like parts above ground. They end up, as a result, looking somewhat similar to the ruins left behind by the original inhabitants."
  • Prefab - Left, Biotech Lab
  • Prefab - Right, Workshop: Industrial
  • Scumhaus - "deep as the warehouse without datacenter, with two rows of living units on each side and walkways going down. Small rooms fit for a spaceship that'd probably have Arianhod worried about hitting her head everywhere, several floors of those. In the middle will be a single big room, with a glass ceiling and mirrors arranged to redirect as much light inside as possible. At the bottom, a few deep holes would be dug, and isolated from Splinter's soil, to be filled with Earth soil in the hope of growing some plants, maybe even trees."
  • Cabin - Arianhod's cabin, "small one-floor cabin of a few rooms, with a glass veranda/airlock facing the sea, and the means to close up and pump in/out the air in individual rooms or the whole thing, should Arianhod wish for unmodded visitors to be able to take off their vacsuits inside" - "The walls are unaccountably decorated with images of boats, anchors and clamshells" - "The only interior furnishing he adds is a hammock" - there is a statue in the biggest room
  • Clinic - Doctor Arianhod is in. Please bend over and cough.

Colony Supplies


Last Updated: Day 46

Discoveries 4/5(Shared or Sold/Total Found)

  • Initial Exploration XP - XP recordings of the party's initial exploration of area near the Pandora Gate. - Released freely via the Argonauts.
  • Early Alien Linguistics - A small collection of alien writings as well as the first attempts at decoding the language. - Released freely via the Argonauts.
  • Early Xenofauna Investigations(Oceanic) - Released freely via the Argonauts.
  • Early Xenogeological Investigations(Splinter) - Released freely via the Argonauts.
  • Xenoevolutionary Hypothesis, by Lime

Resource Points: 18
Resource Income: 5 per 2 days.



  • 8x Auto Miner Facility (two on mountain on the small island, one for science in the mountains north of the gate, five being built?)
  • 3x Prefab Buildings (two in London Falling, one by the gate, all deployed)
  • 2x Aerostat Relays (link the Splinter Gate and London Falling by mesh)
  • 1x Ego Bridge (p343)
  • 1x Morph Storage for 6 morphs
  • 1x Minifac (p343)
  • 1x Private Server (p315, capable of running simulspace and 50 infomorphs)
  • 1x Standard Research Package (Medicine:Biotech)
  • 1x Standard Research Package/Clinic (Medicine:Paramedic)
  • 1x Standard Workshop Package (Hardware:Industrial)
  • 1x Standard Workshop Package (Interest:Brewery)


  • 4x Splicer. (p54, Biomorph, One belongs to Arianhod. One with 'Bodysculpting, Chameleon Skin, Sex Switch, Enhanced Pheromones, Skinflex and Adrenal Surge' and elfin-looking. One without any external human details. One still wearing a business suit.)
  • 2x Flat. (p54, Biomorph, One a heavy smoker.)
  • 2x Furies (p57, Biomorph, both with Hardened Skeletons and Pneumatics, lots of mended broken bones.)
  • 2x Swarmanoid (p63, Synthmorph)
  • 1x Agent (p67, Infomorph)
  • 1x Dragonfly (p63, Synthmorph)
  • 1x Exalt (p54, Biomorph covered in Scum tatoos)
  • 1x Galatea (p64, Synthmorph)
  • 1x Hibernoid (p56, Biomorph)
  • 1x Ikon (p67, Infomorph)
  • 1x Takko (Synthmorph)

Bots & Vehicles

  • 1x Automech "Abraxas" (p349, repair bot Electroncs)
  • 1x Automech "R2-D2" (p349, repair bot Hardware: Robotics)
  • 1x Barracuda "Fornicatus" (p349, Cryonic Protection, Enhanced Hearing, Pressure Adaptation, Retracting Limbs, Sonar, Utilimod)
  • 1x Dwarf Bot "Urist MacBeardssons" (p349, Disassembly Tools, Electrical Sense, Radar, Sonar, Tool Kit)
  • 1x Explorenaut Bot "Buer" (p346, Chem Sniffer, Electrical Sense, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Pocket Lab, Radar, Specimen Container, Sonar, T-Ray Emitter, Utilimod)
  • 1x Engineering Swam (p345, constructs/shapes environment)
  • 1x Fixer Swarm (p345, repairs DV 1d10 per hour or 1 wound per day for 4 days)
  • 1x General Exploration Vehicle (p353, Includes Autocook, Chem Sniffer, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Large Fabber, Life Support {{(1 month), Healing Vat, Pressure Adaptation, Portable Sensor (Telescope))}}
  • 1x General Nanobot Hive (Can produce any swarm, p343)
  • 1x Gnat Bot (p349)
  • 1x Guardian Angel Bot "Raum" (p347, small size, Battle Rifle)
  • 1x Guardian Angel Bot (p347, small size, Medium Pistol)
  • 1x Robomule "Behemoth" (p349, Autocook)
  • 1x Servitor Bot (p348)
  • 1x Utility Helicopter (p350)

Portable Gear

  • 2x Utilitool (p317)
  • 1x Blue Box (p340)
  • 1x Breadcrumb System (p336, leaves mote trail for meshing/positioning)
  • 1x Electronic Rope (p341)
  • 1x Medium Fabber (p343, fab small items)
  • 1x Pocket Lab (p340, Analyze gases, liquids, materials, Know: Chemistry 60.)
  • 1x Portable SolArchive (p340, Architecture)
  • 1x Portable SolArchive (p340, Engineering)
  • 1x QE Communicator+Emergency Reservoir (1 minute video/1 hour voice), p337
  • 1x Smaller Fabber (p343, specialization:anti-histamines)
  • 1x Specialized Server (p337, +10 to [one type of skill])
  • 1x Tool Kit (p317, spec)
  • 1x Tools kit (p317, Electronics)
  • 1x Vacsuit (p341, Standard, can change color, texture, and cut, +10 Infiltrate, +30 covered and stationary, protects from vacuum, 48 hours air, AV 8/6)


  • 1x Battle Rifle (p210)
  • 1x Laser Pulser (p208)
  • 1x Monofilament Sword (p204)
  • 1x Shredder (p212)
  • 1x Submachine Gun (p210)
  • 2x Medium Pistol Firearm (p210)
  • 1x Skyswatter

Software & ALIs

  • 2x TacNet App (p327, share tactical data in real time)
  • 1x Exploit app (p326, Hacking library tool)
  • 1x Covert Operations Tool (p338, Bypasses locks, cuts/repairs holes, HW: Electronics 60 vs electronic locks, more)
  • 1x Fault Tolerance (p326, AV 5 vs . mesh attacks)
  • 1x Mapping Missile (p340, Maps planet from low polar orbit in 24–48 hours, r.i.p. Scouty McRocketface)
  • 1x Persistence (p326, Keeps infomorph running, + 10 DUR, + 2 WT)
  • 1x Security ALI (p326-327, Guns 30, Hardware: Electronics 30, Infosec 60, Interface 40, Know: Security Systems 80, Perceive 30, Program 30, Research 20)
  • 1x Sentry ALI "Hekatonchires" (p326-327, Fray 30, Guns 60, Hardware: [appropriate field] 30, Interface 30, Kinesics 40, Know: [bot/vehicle] Specs 80, Know: Security Ops 80, Perceive 40, Pilot: [appropriate field] 40, Provoke 30)
  • 1x Sniffer (p326, Collect/view traffic between two systems, see p245 for mechanics)
  • 1x VPN (p326)


  • Arianhod, "I drive the special bus, I'm a real human bane, and a real fuckin' hero"
  • Lahmia Bloodyteardrop, "go forth my minions, harvest some of those pretty-I mean, some of those gloomy flowers, dark like my soul"
  • Liz, "hi, I'm Liz, I'm only eight years old but the only one that acts like an adult and have to herd these idiots, and welcome to Dunk my Junk"
  • Thanat, ""
  • USS Space Nazis Must Die Scum crew, "I look down on you 'cuz I'm so high, get it or is it, like, too deep for you"
  • Dunk My Junk crew, "you used our tag line earlier, good thing we don't believe in copyrights, but you'll still be the star of the next episode"
  • A Gentle Smell of Lime, "and an air of mystery"
  • Kinkulon IX, "I LARP as a sixteenth century polymath noble, don't break my immersion and start groveling at my feet or I'll set my fans on you"
  • Sameera Sudarshana, "megafauna is easy, they try to kill you and eat you, people are harder, sometimes they pretend to be your friend first"
  • Rotislav Lev, "a blast from the past, a true 80s action hero, only 799 credits for a collector action figurine, weapons and vehicle not included"
  • Jovian refugees, prison escapees, spec op soldiers, "I'm starting to think it was a mistake, yes, I'm saying that because of the autofellatio scum morph, oh fuck there's two of them now"
  • Ex-Indenture Refugees, 1st batch, "the huge scary doctor lady said to always do the opposite of what the Scum say to do, and one of them said not to use the narcalgorithm he's working on because I'm a 'lightweight', does that mean I should do it?"
  • Dr. Ursula Kvetuse, "obtuse recluse-wait what the fuck did you let that, that synth write th-"


Here are jobs that the colony will need.
S marks what the character likely dedicates their life to, A for what they're really good at, B for what they're good at, C for "I put ten skill points on it, technically I can do it all the time 40% of the time"
NPCs (names in italics) only have a "Y" for "yes" or their specialization, no rating.

Agricultural Combat Drones Engineering Medical Mining Network Security People Skills Programming Security Vehicles Xenology
Arianhod A A, Paramedic, Biotech S, Provoke, A Admin A B, Ground, C Air
Lahmia C S A, Nano, Robotics B A B, Air
Liz A S S, Deceive, A rest A A
Thanat B A S C A, Adminitration B, Space
Enkulon IX Biology Expert None whatsoever Y Fauna Expert
Sameera Sudarshana Demolition Y Xenogeology
A Gentle Smell of Lime Biology Trader Stealth Expert
Ex-Indenture Refugees, 1st batch 1x Meteorologist

Pointed Interests:

Arianhod: Cooking, Brewing/Drugs, Morphs-ology, @-list Politics
Lahmia: VR gaming, Spying, Bots
Liz: Black Markets, Reputation Networks, Computer Sciences, Mathematics
Thanat: Conquest of Space History, Modern History, Scum

Unpointed Interests:

Arianhod: Trolling the Titanian Medical Board, technoprogressivism
Lahmia: Goth culture, dark sorcery
Liz: Venusian Interests, AGI Personhood
Thanat: Scum artists, aquatic uplifts, explore, expand, exploit, exterminate

Character Sheets

Doctor Arianhod
Dark Mechanicum Adept Lahmia Bloodyteardrop
Infomorph Liz
Engineer Thanat

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