St Across Girls Institute

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Welcome to St. Across' Girls Institute (formerly St. Thor Academy).
In this Schola Progenium, students will be forged into proud officers of the Imperium. You in particular have been selected to become Novitiae, apprentice Sisters of Battle.

St. Across Organization:

St. Across has three separate courses: Sororitas, Stormtroopers, and Commissariat. (It's widely suspected among the students that other, "secret" courses exist.) They are housed in different sections of the academy and don't commonly intermingle.

The Sororitas Course is split in 12 classes, each spread across 3 years:

A: Infantry (bolter specialist)
B: Infantry (flamer specialist)
C: Infantry (heavy weapons - retributors)
D: Mechanized (rhinos, immolators)
E: Armored (exorcists)
F: Recon Infantry (dominions)
G: Jump Infantry (seraphims)
H: Air Support (avenger strike fighters)
I: Medical
J: Literature
K: Theology
L: Home Econ.

St. Across Faculty Members:

Headmaster: (Mysterious)
Vice-Headmaster (Sororitas section): Maria Nisa

Class 1-D Homeroom Teacher: Riza Lionel
Class 1-D Mechanicus Oversseer: ALYSHA 32

Class 1-D Students:

Player Characters:


Chimera (front- and turret-mounted flamers) - Laurentina, Saimei, Consuela, Cecile
Rhyno (front- and turret-mounted bolters) - Kathy, Violette, Tatjana
Rhyno (front- and turret-mounted bolters) - Sigurd, Romelia, Samara
Immolator (twin-linked multimeltas) - Christina, Franziska, Rayna


Christina Athanasia da Viera: Pale-skinned, blue-eyed, a forest of platinum drills on her head, noble bearing. Super aryan. She is blue-blooded and super-important and demands that you treat her as such. Special equipment: boltpistol, power sword (basket-hilted).
Violette Bourdages: A gentle-looking girl with wavy brown hair and thick, majestic eyebrows. Easily distracted, and, apparently, a bit of an airhead. Easy-going and good-natured. Special equipment: missile launcher.
Cecile Randall: A tough-looking girl sporting a no-nonsense, IG-style crewcut and a nasty scar on her forehead. Apparently adept with multiple forms of combat. Also abusive, scathing and sarcastic. Special equipment: hot-shot lasgun, combat shotgun, extra grenades.
Rayna: Tallest girl in the class. Dark-skinned, wild-haired and wild-eyed, imposing, lean yet sturdily built. Not quite the peak of academic excellence, though she is extremely energetic. Special equipment: dual chainswords.
Kathy Derevenko: A slow, mellow-voiced, doing-things-at-my-own-pace sort of girl, with droopy eyes and long, fluffy blonde hair falling over her face. Suspected of smuggling drugs on campus, but no proof has ever been found. Special equipment: grenade launcher.
Tatjana Hassel: Plain. Special equipment: boltgun.
Sigurd Ostermark: Tall, yet extremely flat-chested, she keeps her long black hair in twintails and sports several hiveworld gang tattoos. Bully. Special equipment: boltpistol, chainsword.
Franziska Bach: On the short side, definitely tomboyish-looking, with short, reddish hair and sharp eyes. She is energetic and enthusiastic, perhaps overly so. Special equipment: meltagun.
Saimei Lyvia Macharion: A beautiful girl, with smooth skin, silky white hair and pure green eyes. Extremely shy and clumsy, as well as prone to asking bizarre questions. Special equipment: long las, dual mono swords.
Izma Konyar: Particularly short and tiny, with a messy mane of black hair. She seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of (and passion for) military hardware, but not much else gets her moving. Special equipment: boltpistol, boltgun, several autopistols and autoguns.
Romelia Himmel: Tall and broad-shouldered, messy fire-red hair, and what most would call a dynamite body. Serious anger management issues mean she has trouble functioning in any context that is not punching people. Special equipment: boltpistol, boltgun, chainsword.
Consuela Groszkiewicz: Slender and tanned, with a handful of freckles on her face and light brown hair tied in a long ponytail. She claims to "just be here for the yuri", whatever that means. Special equipment: flamer.
Samara: Covered in burn scars and bionic implants, including her right arm and eye, she has her hair in a grey mohawk. She doesn't socialize and keep to herself. Special equipment: heavy bolter.

Character Creation

Heroic characters (150 pts)

Use character benchmarks (Table 2-2)

You can have only the following, "normal" attributes:
- Attack Combat Mastery
- Aura of Inspiration
- Combat Technique
- Defence Combat Mastery
- Energy Bonus
- Extra Defences
- Heightened Awareness
- Item (agreed with the GM first)
- Massive Damage
- Melee Attack
- Melee Defense
- Organisational Ties
- Ranged Attack
- Ranged Defense
- Skills (explained later)
- Tough
- Wealth

Skills use the "Futuristic Soft SF" table 6-1.

Appropriate defects are:
- Blind Fury
- Easily Distracted
- Girl/Guy Magnet
- Impaired Speech
- Inept Attack
- Inept Defence
- Ism
- Less Capable
- Marked
- Nemesis
- Not So Tough
- Phobia
- physical Impairment
- Recurring Nightmares
- Reduced Damage
- Sensory Impairment
- Significant Other
- Skeleton in the Closet
- Unappealing

All students are issued a Laspistol and a Knife. They are furthrermore issued combat gear (a Flak Vest and whatever weapon and equipment their role entails), but are expected to keep it in their lockers and use it only during regularly scheduled exercises.

Old Character Sheets

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