Banner-Captain Starkad of Kelos

Male Half-Elf Fighter 5/Cleric 5
Soldier (Middle Class: Lieutenant)
Lawful Good | Priest of Armand
Character Points: 5
Experience Points: 35500 (17750)

Description: Starkad was born in the city of Kelos during its recent brief period of independence from the Kingdom of the Ivory Sea. He had served in the Kelosian army as a Banner-Captain. After the Ivorians fought through the last stand at the High Gates, Starkad and a small company of men fled to the Arcane Lands. For a time, he stayed with the Last Standard of Kelos as it served various lords in the Arcane Lands. When Guiscard began searching for the heirs of Algamesh, however, Starkad was one of those called to the Sundered Valley. His resemblance to the old hero was remarked upon, as was the fact that he was the right age to match with Algamesh's stays in Kelos, and he had never known his father. Starkad sought out an exiled member of Kelos' Council, who dug through the records he had smuggled out and produced documents verifying a heritage Starkad had never known he had. So, with the blessings of his comrades, Starkad left for Last Stand.

In addition to being a highly skilled spearman, Starkad has been trained as a military commander, and is a cleric of Armand, the Soldier aspect of Thousand Handed Lierel. His divinely gifted magic gives him ways to heal and aid his allies. The combination of these traits has made him a respected leader and trusted comrade.

Ability Scores

Str 16
Stamina 15 (Weight Allowance 55)
Muscle 17 (Att Adj +1, Dam Adj +1, Max Press 220, Open Doors 10, Bend Bars/Lift Gates 13%)
Dex 12
Aim 10 (Pick Pockets -10%, Open Locks -5%)
Balance 14
Con 11
Health 11 (System Shock 75%)
Fitness 11
Int 11
Reason 11
Knowledge 11 (Bonus Proficiencies/Languages 2)
Wis 14
Intuition 16 (Bonus Priest Spell 2nd, Spell Failure 0%)
Willpower 12
Cha 13
Leadership 15 (Loyalty Base +3, Max Number of Henchmen 7)
Appearance 11

Derived Stats

Saves - Paralyze/Poison: 9; Wand: 13; Petrify/Polymorph: 12; Breath Weapon: 13; Spell: 14

HP 54/54
AC 4 (3 w/W&S), 1 w/shield vs 3 attacks (0 w/W&S)
THAC0 16


Atk +4 (+5 w/W&S)
Dmg 1d8+4 SM - 1d8+5 L - Speed 8 - P
Attacks per Round 3/2

Atk +1 (+2 w/W&S)
Dmg 1d4+2 SM - 1d4+1 L - Speed 4 - B

Atk +0
Dmg 1d4+1 SM - 1d6+1 L - Speed 6 - B



Long Spear (Weapon of Choice, Weapon Specialization)
Medium Shield
Weapon and Shield fighting style


Ancient History (10), Cooking (7), Cryptography (10), Endurance (3), Engineering (10), Etiquette (11), Fire-building (11), Healing (10), Hunting (10), Local History (10), Mountaineering (9), Navigation (10), Orienteering (10), Reading/Writing (8), Religion (10), Running (7), Survival (6), and Weather Knowledge (10).


Light Sleeper


Common, Dwarven, Elven, and Orc.

Other Abilities


Infravision 60'
Less sleep (4 hours to be fully rested)
30% resistance to sleep and charm spells


d12 Hit Die
Leadership (is able to take charge of up to 100 soldiers per level, knows how to use messengers and signals, is familiar with military terminology, and understands the mechanics of moving a large number of men)
Supervisor (authority to supervise the construction of defensive works such as ditches, pits, fields of stakes, and hastily built wooden and stone barricades; time permitting can supervise the building of semi-permanent fortifications)
Weapon specialization
Increased movement (base movement is 15)


Casting reduction (casting time is reduced by 1 with priest spells; all spells still retain a minimum casting time of 1)
Followers (can attract as soon as establishes a stronghold)
Weapon allowance (long spear)
Major access to All, Combat, and Healing spheres
Minor access to Law, Protection, Travelers, War, and Weather spheres
d10 Hit Die
Extra 1st level spell
Extra 2nd level spell

Spell Casting

Spell List
1st - 4 Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds
2nd - 4 Aura of Comfort, Aura of Comfort, Aura of Comfort, Spiritual Hammer, Spiritual Hammer
3rd - 1 Call Lightning

Magic Items

Stormcall - It's made of wood blackened and charred by a lightning strike, but somehow still retains its flexibility and strength as though it was living. The tip is, instead of metal, the fang of a great blue dragon. - Besides being a normal +1 spear, it can be thrown for normal damage, and it's Returning besides, instantly teleporting back to the thrower's hand(barring critical failures that leave it lodged somewhere). Once per day, if there are black clouds above, it can be throw into the clouds to cast Call Lightning on an enemy below them.
Mystery Shield - A kite shield, painted blue, with the Ivory Lion in the center. - It is a mystery.
Grignixt's Thread - A ball of pure white spider silk, spun by the spider goddess herself. So bright and clean it almost seems like it's glowing. - Doubles the dice rolled for healing spells, so if a spell heals 1d8 hit points it heals 2d8 instead. Additionally, the wearer cannot harm spiders.


Banded Mail
Dry Rations (one week)
Flint & Steel
Grappling Hook
Holy Symbol
Hooded Lantern
Iron Pot
Long spear
Map Case
Medium Shield
Parchment (20 sheets)
Pint of oil (3)
Pitons (10)
Rain Poncho
Signal Whistle
Silk Rope 100ft
Sling Bullets (10)
Wedge Tent
Winter Blanket
Writing Ink (2 vials)

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