Stormy Weather

As Paladin, Ghost, and Zombie waved goodbye and went to their respective entrances, Aether was left guarding with Mantis beside him. It had taken a struggle to bring him back here and more than a few threats to make him stay, but there he was in nothing but a makeshift tarp and something Ghost had knitted. It was probably the cold rain messing with his senses, that was all. That was all that was bothering him. He sat back with his rifle, sighing. This was going to be a long day.

At first, it wasn't much of a problem. They started the usual small-talk, about who he was and what he did, where he came from. Aether was just barely listening, letting his eyes lazily wander, his fingers twitching on the barrel of his rifle. Something about Kazakhstan, his augments…Aether licked his lips, tasting raindrops and sweat from the previous scuffle. He finally closed his eyes with an unhappy grunt, teeth gritting. Mantis went quiet. The only sound penetrating the silence was the oppressive rain, fraught with occasional peals of thunder.

Aether reopened his eyes to find Mantis only inches from him, hands on either side of his head, a leg firmly pressing between his. About to yell, question, or even text his team, his thoughts were smothered as Mantis closed the little space between them, locking lips with his. The force behind the kiss pressed him back, Mantis' bare leg sliding against his pants - When did the other cyborg have time to take off Ghosts' knitting? Aether tried to get a word in before Mantis returned to stealing his breath away, pinning the him down.

Protests of 'stop' and 'no' didn't stop Mantis in his conquest, and Aether couldn't find the strength to force him off, cringing as he felt Mantis' rain-cold fingers undoing the buttons of his shirt. Lightning in the distance illuminated the confident smirk of the cyborg on top of him, just a moment of sight before cold hands pressed to his chest. Aether coudn't help but groan - life as a Cyborg rarely allowed him pleasures outside of sensations he could supply to himself, and the touch of bare skin to his own seemed almost foreign. What little heat their bodies still produced mingled in the air, becoming ghost-pale puffs that broke up in the rain.

Silencing the little sounds that threatened to bubble in his throat, Aether squirmed and pressed his hands up under the makeshift tarp-poncho Mantis wore, forcing it up while his fingertips explored his new friend. It was a little strange - some augments you could almost feel under the skin, but here he felt mostly muscle and bone, though the flesh was the same texture as his. The slickness and chill of the rain only heightened the feeling, making Mantis the warmest damn thing in the storm. Somehow, that conclusion wasn't as repulsive as he had thought it would be. It'd been a long time.

Aether was almost used to the wet fingers exploring his torso and back, the crush of lips on his until Mantis slid his face away, disappearing from Aether's foggy vision for a moment. He was almost on the verge of protesting until he felt teeth sink into his neck, making his back arch and his breath leave him. His eye twitched - that would definitely leave a mark. He could hear Mantis chuckle, making him squirm and fight back, finally pressing his legs to the floor and using his augments. One short leap and a skid later, Aether was on top of a nearly nude Mantis. It took only a moment to unbutton his pants, revealing a high calibur weapon of his own to match Mantis'…blade. As Aether leaned down for the ki-

Ghost looked up from her innocent murder scene, her hand reforming as time and space flickered in protest around her.

Aether sat fully clothed, oddly unsatisfied, no matter how hard he polished his rifle. Mantis merely stood in the rain, glaring out across the stormswept horizon. The awkward silence stretched between them. Looking almost pouty and glad for the cover of the storm, Mantis glanced back at Aether and his rifle-polishing, blades flicking out of his hand and dissapearing again beneath his flesh. Nothing seemed to have happened for the past few minutes-

As the breeze picked up, Mantis risked a glance down.

His pants were missing.

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