Sun Coalition

Name: The Sun Coalition
Leader: Unknown
Headquarters: Beijing

The Sun Coalition encompasses all of what was formerly China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan, as well as parts of South-East Asia. Ever since 2052 they have permitted no foreigners to cross their borders and engage in no trade with the outside world. Their only form of contact is the discrete embassies hidden in some of the world's major capitals.

There is no reliable intelligence on the Sun Coalition as of this time.

No citizens of the Sun Coalition are Dreamers.

EuroCorp keeps all Sun Coalition embassies under careful surveillance.


After their war against EuroCorp began, despite the setback of their Lunar plans, the Sun Coalition managed to push all opposing human forces off of Earth and into the wider solar system, continuing the war against the United Nations once EuroCorp ceased to exist. The Sun Coalition remains a mainly mysterious force, it is unknown if they have AI's of their own, what their level of augmented forces are and the extent of their fleets. What is known is that they control the entire Sol system, with colonies from Venus to Pluto. Their fleets have remained a threat to UN fleets for as long as they've existed, and their hostilities appear mainly focused on the UN, the Vegan Republic they have largely ignored(some UN agitators for war against the Republic see this as proof of a secret alliance between the two.).

There have been numerous situations where it appeared the Coalition would be wiped out, but every time they've managed to make miraculous recoveries, deploying new technologies or taking advantage of uncovered UN tactical data to swing themselves back into the fight as a serious contender again. Their capital is presumeably still on Earth, and they have few colonies outside of the Sol system. One of their primary colonies was in Tau Ceti until the UN discovered and sieged it. Occasionally refugees from the Coalition are discovered, but they head exclusively towards the Vegan Republic.

The Coalition fleet prefix is HCF(Holy Coalition Fleet), and their largest known ship to date is Destroyer-class.

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