"Suplex Satan" Raul Grande

The person now known as "Suplex Satan" Raul Grande was originally an anonymous techbro who had himself cryogenically frozen as part of a scheme to avoid paying taxes. All of his original memories are gone. It may be for the best.

He was being rebuilt and groomed for assignments within the world of wrestling entertainment, which had been rocked by controversy after a second heavyweight title match between Pepsius Maximus and Tropicarnage had ended with hundreds dead. That didn't pan out either though, so he's been effectively reincarnated as a luchador monster for no good reason.

That's showbiz for you.

LIKES: Stunts, drama, the purity of unarmed combat (preferably involving stunts and drama)
DISLIKES: Difficult questions, boring villains, fiat currency (he doesn't know what it is, but he doesn't like it)

Life: 44
Endurance: 54
Essence: 31
XP:: 8

Attributes (20)

Strength: 5 (Arms +2)
Dexterity: 4
Constitution: 4
Intelligence: 1
Willpower: 4
Perception: 2

Skills (35)

(Dex) Acrobatics/Dodge 5
(Int) Acting 1
(Int/Will) Art: Professional Wrestling 1 (Artistic Talent +3)
(Str/Dex/Con) Athletics 5
(Str/Dex) Brawling 5
(Int/Will) Charisma 3
(Int/Will) Intimidation 2
(Per) Notice 2
(Int) Science 5
(Dex/Int/Per) Stealth 1
(Str) Throwing 5

Perks/Advantages (5)

Artistic Talent (2): Pick an art, you get +3 to any rolls involving it, and +12 Essence.
Iron Fist (3): For every 3 points invested, adds +1 damage to unarmed attacks, applied before the strength modifier.

Traits (2)

Florida Man: Drugs have double the positive effect, but withdrawals have twice the negative effect.
One In A Million: When rolling a natural 1 or 10, assume that the first exploding die is another 1 or 10. For every further "explosion," roll twice, and take the worst/best result as appropriate.

Mutations/Cybernetics/Drugs/Etc. (5)

Skin: Corporate Loyalty Brand (-2)
Does not take up a Skin slot
No mechanical effects, but the brand is visible and may attract people who want to take selfies with you or fight you.

Eyes: Evil Eye (2)
Prerequisite: Arcanotech Activation
It turns out that it's possible to replicate a witch's curse with technology and several gallons of sacrificial blood. You may spend Essence at a 1:1 ratio to curse the next rolled action of a target in sight.

Ears: Power In Misery (-2)
Does not take up an Ears slot
To pay for your upgrades, you've been implanted with an experimental marketing augment that will hijack all auditory sensory channels to feed you custom-made commercials at semi-random times. Natural rolls of 2 are treated as natural rolls of 1, explained by a sudden commercial deciding to intrude on your consciousness to tell you about quesadillas that are on sale somewhere.

Appendix: Arcanotech Activation (1)
Unlocks the appendix's potential as a regulator of mana flows. The user can now access aetherial channels and use magic.
At least that's the theory. All test subjects so far have immediately burst into flames or imploded into small, perfect spheres. You haven't, though, at least not yet, making you special.

Arms: Muscle Weave Enhancements (2)
Your arms are disgustingly muscular, and it's not all for show. +2 Strength for any rolls using your arms. On a natural 1 rolled for anything involving your arms or hands, you've accidentally crushed whatever you were holding. Doesn't matter what it was.
Gun? Crushed.
Heart? Crushed.
Demon core? Crushed.

Lungs: Icarus Upgrade (1)
Allows your lungs to inflate a pair of large, meaty sacks on your back which permit you to rise up like a hot air balloon. Any damage inflicted to your torso while this is active punctures the sacks, dropping you to the ground with a loud farting sound.

Brain: Pineal Upgrade (1)
Does not take up a Brain slot.
They say the Pineal Gland is the root of psychic power. Whether that's true or not, the scientists have meddled with yours for science reasons. It definitely makes your dreams a lot more vivid.

Psychoportation: Gateway (1)
Use Cost: 10 Essence
Effect: Opens a gap in space allowing for instant transport to the other side. The distance covered is 10 meters times the number of successes on a Willpower+Science roll. Both ends of the Gateway must be within that range, the Gateway can have any orientation but must not intersect and existing object.

Psychoportation: Invert Gravity (1)
Use Cost: 10 Essence.
Effect: Inverts the effects of gravity for a human-sized target for a number of minutes equal to the successes rolled on a Willpower+Science check. Aware targets with free limbs may make a contested Perception+Dexterity roll to grab a hold of something before they vanish upwards.

Gear (15)

Punch (0): 1d4 x Strength.
Kick (0): 1d4 x (Strength +1).
Small Knives (0): 1d4 x Strength. Can be thrown.
Class I Armor (10): Protection 10, Encumbrance 0.
Smoke Grenade (5): Creates a field of dense smoke that diffracts laser weaponry to uselessness and provides a -5 to hit anyone on the far side of it. The smoke lasts for five combat rounds outside, though it may last longer in enclosed areas.
Universal Gift Cards: 19 UGC.

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