Tabitha Shaw


Str 1
Dex 2
Con 2
Int 4
Per 3
Wil 2

Life: 22
Current LP: 28/28
Endurance: 20
Speed (Mph): 8
Speed (Yps): 4
Essence: 18


Fast Reaction Time (-2)
Hard to Kill (-2)
Obsession (Mapping and Recording) (+2)
Acute Senses (Sight) (-2)
Resistance (Poison) (-1)


Electronics(Intelligence) 2
Engineer(Intelligence) 2
Mechanic(Intelligence/Perception) 3
Survival(Perception/Intelligence) 3
Traps(Intelligence/Dexterity) 1
Unconventional Medicine(Intelligence/Dexterity/Perception) 1 (Herbalism)
Climbing(Dexterity/Strength/Constitution) 2
Dodge(Dexterity) 2
Firearms(Dexterity/Perception) 2


'Skypphie' (Handgun, 1d6*4)
'Melchior' (Submachinegun, 1d6*3 damage, 50-round capacity, armour-piercing)
Fixin' tools
Handbook on herbs and spices (for a tastier snork)
Map of New York pre-Zone
Fresh parchment upon which to make the new Map of New York
Mappin' tools (pens, measurements, etc)
Basic survival whatnots (rope, canteen, a small lean-to cloth, knife, compass)

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