Based around an as-of-yet imperfectly understood but reproducible non-human technology discovered by Direct Action, Talons consist of a control unit, in the form of a bracelet or glove, and a blade. The precise mechanisms remain obscure, but the blade is capable of limited free flight when in close proximity to the control unit. The control units software apparently directs the blade to move in specific ways based on the physical motions of the wielder, particularly of the limb the control unit is on. This makes the Talon a functionally “hands free” melee weapon. Attempts to include full mesh control have failed, so physical action is still required to wield a Talon. The unusual manner in which the weapon moves and strikes makes it highly dangerous in the hands of a skilled user. Additionally, in “passive” mode the Talon can provide additional protection to the wielder.

Wielding a Talon requires a specific Exotic Weapon skill. Untrained users can default to the Blades skill at -30 penalty. Switching between active and passive modes requires a Complex Action. When a Talon is in “active” mode, it is considered to be wielded with one limb, the one the control unit is on. The wielder may hold items with that limb as normal, but cannot wield another weapon in it. A trained wielder can also launch the Talon at a target as a ranged attack (SR 0-5, MR 6-10, LR 11-15, ER 16-20). If the Talon is within 5 meters of the wielder after such an attack, it can be recalled as a Complex Action.

In “passive” mode, the Talon acts as a shield, providing an armor rating of +1/+2. An untrained user wielding a Talon in this manner takes a -10 penalty to all attacks as the Talon's movements are difficult to predict without practice. Only one Talon may be used at a time, as otherwise the control units interfere with each other.

Armor Penetration: -3
Damage Value: 3d10+2
Average Damage Value: 18

Talons are sold exclusively via the Ultimate-owned Aspis Armory.

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