Green, Tana's Half Elf Druid

AC 7, HP 74/74, THAC0 14

Saves: Paralysis, Poison, Death Magic: 6
Rod, Staff, Wand: 10
Petrification/Poly: 9
Breath Weapon: 12
Spell: 11
+2 save vs fire/electrical, +4 Mind-effecting spells

1st: (Animal Friendship) (Animal Friendship) (Create Water) (clw) {clw} {clw} [][][][]{}{}
2nd: (Hold Person, 1-4 in 20' cube, 1 turn, dynamic saves) (Find Traps, 3 turns & 3m by 30m) (Slow Poison, 10h) (Heat Metal) {Barkskin, AC 4 & 14rds) {Messenger} [][][][]{}{}
3rd: (Hold Animal, 20 rounds) (Summon Insects/Call Lightning) (Speak with Dead) {Create Food & Water} [][][]{}
4th: (Cure Serious Wounds, 2d8+1) (Cure Serious Wounds) (Hold Plant/Abjure) {Neutralize Poison} [][][]{}
5th: (Cure Critical Wounds, 3d8+3)(Dispel Evil) [][]

Shapeshifting: Level 1: Rat, Crow, Raccoon, Bat, Mountain Goat.
Level 2: Ox
Level 3: Gryphon/Griffon AC 2=3-1, Attacks: Beak 2d8, Clawx2 1d4; Move: 12, 30 Fl (C, D if mounted)
Level 4: Vulture
Level 5: Porpoise
Level 6: Displacer Beast AC 3=4-1, Attacks: Tendril x2 2d8
Level 7: Octopus
Level 8: Owl
Free: Long Horse
Level 9:
Level 10:

Str 8: 35 Carry, 90 Max Press, 5 Open Doors, 1% BB
Dex 7: No adjustments
Con 12: 80% SS, 85% Rez Chance
Int 10: 2 NWPs
Wis 18: +4 MDA
Cha 12: 5 max hench, 0 reaction adjustment
Half Elf: 60' Infravision, 30% resistance to Charm & Sleep effects, passive chance to locate concealed objects: 1 in 6, active chance to locate concealed: 3 in 6 & secret: 2 in 6.
Druid: +2 Saves vs Fire & Electricity

Equipment: SpellSpear w/ carts Entangle, Open Lock, Shield, Sling + 7 sling bullets, backpack (flint & steel, 1 week's standard rations) 12.5lb

Mule w/
Everything else

6 weeks iron rats, 3 weeks standard rats, 1 weeks feed for mule.

Money: 1090.08 (22.42xp+50+400)

Level: (60000 + 472 ) *1.1 = 66512/90000

Special Item From Purple: A bag of desiccated caterpillars, passed to you by a shady guy who insisted that they were A) smokeable for an excellent high and B) medicinal, capable of curing just about any disease or illness. They're brittle, dry and colourful, also a couple of them are kind of fuzzy.

WP: Spear, Sling, Leather Armor Proficiency (1/2 weight), Danger-Pather-Tendrils
NWP: Agriculture(10=int)(1), Animal Handling (17=Wis-1)(1), Animal Lore (11=Int+1)(2), Healing (16=Wis-2)(2), Herbaliam (8=Int-2)(2), History, Local (9 =Int-1), Spellcraft (8=Int-2)(1), Tracking (12=Wis-6)(2) Weather Sense (17=Wis-1)(1)

Spell Spheres:
Major: All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Plant, Summoning, Travellers, Weather
Minor: Divination

Height: 5' 7", Age: 18, Weight 135lb. Name: Liem "Green" Thu

Adventure notes:
Got to town: +1 nwp for being good
Bunker: 500xp, spellspear + 4 cartridges in a special storage drum(2 magic missile 1 knock), chainmail, boots, 200 arrows, bolts, 2 mystery potions, 50gp(split 4 ways, +12.5gp), -10 day's food, left 8 day's food, 25.38 + 12.5 = 37.88
Back to town: Bought food (3 weeks standard for himself, 2 weeks standard for Hank, 1 weeks feed for the mule, -18gp), climbing equipment (100 pintons 3gp, 4x 50ft rope 4gp, grappling hook 8sp, -7.8gp), 37.88 - 19.8 = 18.08. Learned Tracking from free NWPs from reading one of the Crab Man's books. Learned Animal Lore from good RP in town.
caravan: amber ring -5sp 11.58
Miners: -7.5gp for the three desperate miners.
Agreed to clear out the mine for 2kgp, room & board
Met the 'Druid of the circle, seemed superstitious, very inna-woods. Said the curse of the mine was bad. Was a jerk. We said we were going to go into the mine, he decided to 'contemplate the spirits'.
We left, stayed the night in the mining town. After a large breakfast, we met with the 'Druid', who gave us a crowjs skull with something inside of it. Careful inspection revealed an orange gem. Itati's knowledge of Spellwork suggests it was Evocation, rather than Divination or Conjuration, a school of explosions rather than guiding us out of the mine.
The underground mine revealed an arena with fake houses, which had artificial lighting, floating skulls that explode after rushing towards a living target. We escaped but were contacted by the Spirit of the ruin, which thought we were test subjects. We left the 'testing area', were attacked by acidic oozes (internal defenses). Used cleaning chemicals to destroy them. 2k exp base, levelup gained! +8 max hp, +1 lvl 1 druid spell slot.
Stole masterwork alchemy & medical tools (5lb each). Killed druid guarding the mountain, burned trolls, and corrupted the elemental of the mountain. 1/2 reward for solving the mountain (250 gp per character).
Solved the Wizard's tower (gained heavily cracked decanter of endless water, mostly cracked by Hank & Aunotrag, Aunotrag is a wizard's guild member, gained a sexy stone golem shell which was used to contain an 'angel'/protogod).

Solved the thieved wizard's blood (geomantic sorcerer who charmed people, gained loot, magic blood).

Met rival adventurer's group that totally aren't us (edgy and dumb fighter, edgier thief, edgy wizard, and a nice bard). Didn't kill them.

Opened up the extra area of the bunker & trained the cats to not murder people & how to open doors. Fought the corrupted slime/fungus monsters, burned them, and cleansed the tram car, then pissed off the tram car. The water elemental/regional admin who was mostly corrupt gave us basic access to the skellies, started the process of calming down the tram skeleton. The water elemental will have rebooted (without current memory of events) in a month.

Returned to town, got minor quest rewards from Cuthfre, restocked on food. Aunotrag fucked everything & gave the blood to Fortuna (angel in a golem shell, now something else). Kicked out & banned from the store, went to clear out the Pixies released naively by Green. Gained a weird creature in a glass that's in hibernating & creepy at a ship (possibly of Fae origin?), gained a dryad w/ tree in the sewers (high maintenance, shortstack, stacked). -50gp for her luxury soil. -20gp for a drum set. Killed 1 pixie + it's giant Alien-esque egg lair in a weird business meeting church in town (Mayor is a member? This could be bad, Green doesn't know this yet). Raided a thieves den where people were snorting pixie dust. Killed 2nd pixie, Aunotrag and Hank killed people. Gained (31)8 gp & random crap. Back at the guild, hidden chest was unlocked, Aunotrag found a cloak of disguise, 1000 gp in promisary notes. Green got magic/cursed bracers (lighter than they should be) & 40gp for 1 week's trail rations as a bribe to the raccoons who are now nearly spherical due to overeating.

Character creation notes:
S8 D7 C12 I10 W18 C12
8 15 27 37 55 64 76

WP: Spear, Sling
NWP: Agriculture(10=int)(1), Animal Handling (17=Wis-1)(1), Healing (16=Wis-2)(2), Herbaliam (8=Int-2)(2)

Purchases: (150gp starting)
Leather Armor 5gp(145) 15lbs (2 ac)
Shield, Small 3gp(142) 5lbs (1ac, vs 2 attacks per round)
Spear 8sp(141.2) 5lbs (1d6/1d8 p damage, speed 6, medium size)
Sling 5cp 1lb (speed 6, small size)
- 10 sling bullets 1sp(141.05) 1lb (1d4+1/1d6+1 b damage, rof 1, range 50/100/200)
Silver Ritual Sickle 1gp8sp(139.25) 3lbs (1d4+1/1d4 s damage, speed 4, small size)
Backpack 2gp(137.25) 2lbs
Tent, Large (4) 25gp(112.25) 20lbs
2x Flint & Steel 1gp(111.25)
Iron Pot 5sp(110.75) 2lb
Traveller's Tools: (already have them)
Herbalism, Healing
Mule 8gp(102.75)
Saddle blanket 3sp(102.45) 4lbs
Saddle, pack 5gp(97.45) 15lb
8 backpacks 16gp(81.45) 16lbs
5x torches 5cp(81.40) 5lb
Belt (.3), soft boots(1), Cloth cape(.8), tunic(.8), breeches(2), gloves(1) 5gp9sp (77.30)
Hemp rope 1gp(76.3) 20lb
Map case 8sp - (75.5)
Soap, 5lb 2.5gp (73)
Whetstone 2cp 1lb (72.98)
7 Wineskins 3.5gp 7lb empty (69.48)
7 weeks Iron Rations 35gp(34.48) 7lb
2 weeks standard rations 6gp(28.48) 2lb
2 weeks feed for my mule 2lb
3 belt pouches, small 2.1gp 1lb (26.38)
Belt pouch, large 1gp(25.38) 1lb

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