Name: Tarala Vang
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Tarala lived a somewhat charmed life for a mutant. Though her markings were obvious, her chosen profession was fairly invaluable - a fisher willing to plumb into the Black to come back with a good stock of cave fish (or whatever she shocked along the way). She avoided most gangs and affiliations in general until Skullers decided to knock over her business. Cue a change of career - for the meantime, anyway.

She appears to be a normal, if a bit short woman with brunette hair and light brown eyes. Crystal-like protrusions fleck her skin, the largest being twin 'horns' jutting out of her forehead and curving back. They are a bright white-blue and cause her a small amount of discomfort, something she relates to being 'covered in patches of scabs'. They gather in places near bone and where the skin doesn't shift as much, possibly to avoid causing her too much pain. (The ones on her head, for example, spring straight out of her skull.) She dresses with as much as she can manage if she's going out, but she prefers to wear tank tops and baggy pants as they get less wear and tear from her sharper protrusions. As for her horns, they're basically impossible to hide except for the largest and silliest hats.

Body: 5
Mind: 4
Soul: 5
(total: 140)

Attack Combat Value: 4
Defense Combat Value: 4
Damage Multiplier: 5
Init Bonus: 7

Damage Formula : (Weapon Attribute x Damage Multiplier) + ACV

HP: 50/50
EP: 45/45
Shock Value: 10

Special Defense 2 (Electricity) 4pts
Supersense 2 (ELECTROVISION) 4pts
Armor 1 (CRYSTALZ) 2pts
Special Movement (Fast) 2pts
Combat Tech (Blind Shooting, Blind Figthing, Steady Hand, Lightning Reflexes) 4 8pts
Ranged Attack (Rifles and the like) 2 6pts
Ranged Defense (Personal) 2 6pts
Melee Attack (Fists) 2 6pts
Melee Defense (Personal) 1 3pts
Ozone (Weapon 0, Range 2, Spreading 2, Irritant 3, Toxic -1) 3pts
Electric Shock (Weapon 5, Insidious 5, Contagious 2, Flare 1) 18pts
Control Modular Rifle (Weapon 5, Accurate +1, Range 2(100m), Autofire) 16 Armory pts
(total: 62)

Administration (Small Business) 1 1pts
Area Knowledge (Black) 2 2pts
Domestic Arts (Cooking) 1 1pts
Climbing (Natural Surfaces) 1 2pts
Controlled Breathing (Holding Breath) 2 2pts
Navigation (Black) 2 2pts
Stealth (Moving Silently) 2 6pts
Swimming (Caves) 3 3pts
Wilderness Survival (Black) 2 2pts
Wilderness Tracking (Black) 2 2pts
(total: 23)

Marked -2

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