Real Name:
Codename: Tarantula
Association: Rogue
Party: Originally with Mexico City's Paladin Team Alpha, after an accident with the "drug" Anarchy her team was dissolved. Currently very dead.

Little is known of Tarantula prior to her going rogue after exposure to Anarchy vapours, except that Myrmidon and Phalanx both describe her as having been not quite right in the head even before the incident.

She disappeared after the accident and wasn't seen again until the Siege of Mexico City where she appeared, leading a strike force of androids into EuroCorp's Mexico City HQ, hitting Paladin Team Beta with a powerful dose of Anarchy on the way. While they were still recovering from their cryogenic stasis and sudden freedom, she made her way to the AI core and corrupted the control directives for the city's automated drones and defenses.

Tarantula eventually met her end when Aether, Paladin and Zombie attacked her at the same time, overpowering her and killing her after she had grievously wounded Aether and dinged Zombie up pretty bad, too. After her demise, Mercurial undid the damage she'd caused to Mexico City's AI directives.

She never spoke a word to any member of the team, not even any gasped, final statements as she died, her style and appearance were likewise completely unremarkable, about as emotionless as the androids she worked with, black and white with no flairs or individual touches.

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