Task Force Charon

Task Force Charon


Mi-cha Lowell
Martian Lawkeeper. Chosen for her investigative skills.
Xiang MacKenzie
One of our few direct employees, a refugee from Stellar Intelligence.
Kun Marixia
Ultimate Mercenary with a preference for big guns.
Otto Klayman
The team's academically gifted individual, in case a threat is technological in nature.
Dual Singularity
Multi-skilled AGI, largely employed for his hacking talents.


Task Force Charon is a subgrouping of Ozma-affiliated operatives, gathered for the purpose of investigating incident report 0187 within the confines of the Sol system. At date [REDACTED] an explosion was detected in a trans-Neptunian orbit, at a location where no ships, habs or military equipment were registered. Further investigations discovered a massive ship of human construction with no Mesh contact, no active radar, no engine activity and negligible engine signatures. A ghost ship.

It was judged that a rapidly assembled and launched task force could reach the ghost ship with seven days to spare before it was likely to be discovered by anyone else. Enough time to investigate the incident, salvage any relevant data or artifacts and then dispose of the evidence.

Charon performed acceptably, though not perfectly, during the Ghost Ship operation and was assigned as a permanent operative grouping. Approximately two months after their first mission together they were reunited again to deal with another x-threat, this one was on Venus.

The Venus situation was resolved in record time, though there was considerable collateral damage and the party may have encountered a Firewall operative as well as attracting the aggression of Jovians. Before they had a chance to relax, however, a situation occurred on Mars that required their immediate attention.

In a surprise twist, the above matter revealed [INFORMATION CLASSIFIED LEVEL ALPHA/SERAPHIM] to Ozma. As some of them appeared to have a level of emotional attachment to this, they were immediately re-assigned to the first extra-solar posting that was available. An unusual incident in Noctis-Qianjao also alerted Ozma to possible attempts to recruit Task Force Charon by our immediate opposition.

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