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It's the near future(2075) and you've recently been re-animated after a death some time in the 2020's. Your corpse was bought up by a corporation that filled it full of technological, biological and metaphysical hardware intended to make you the ultimate corporate problem-solver. Unfortunately, after a merger with PepsiCo, Boeing-Grumman-Nike decided to re-arrange its departments and refocus its corporate strategy, and the C.A.D.A.V.E.R. project was abandoned. This was a mere week after the extensive procedure to quicken you all to life had been initiated.

Due to the potential bad optics of simply having you all re-killed(as well as the waste of resources in a tough budget year), you were instead given your pick from the corporate Lost and Found, a number of spare gift cards to the company shop and premium access to the new Killr App for recruiting corporate liquidators and other wetwork specialists. This all happened over the course of 24 hours, and you're now extremely confused and on the streets of Neo Vancouver. Your sleek smartphone is beeping, though, indicating that a number of new work assignments matching the profile of you and the rest of your team have been posted.

It's probably better than living in a homeless shelter until you can get a gig economy job.



The system is Unisystem, used by such games as All Flesh Must Be Eaten, which will be used as the "core" game with regards to skill listing and most of chargen(note that there will be some house rules, but you can rely on the stats for weapons and armor, for instance).

For those too lazy to download the corebook, the system functions as follows: 1d10+skill+stat+modifiers is the basic roll. If your result is 9 or better, you succeed. If it is 8 or lower, you fail. A natural 1 is an "exploding" failure, adding on further penalties, meaning you can potentially fail even if your modifiers total more than 9. A natural 10 is an "exploding" success, meaning that you make another roll and add it on top. Occasionally a roll will just be 1d10+(stat*2), when there's no appropriate skill.

"Exploding" dice are another 1d10, but this one with a -5 applied. Exploding dice resulting from 1's are ignored if their total result is positive, exploding dice resulting from 10's are ignored if their total result is negative. If not ignored, the result is added to/subtracted from the original roll as appropriate. Exploding dice can, themselves, explode further, but only in the original direction(i.e. the exploding die from a natural 10 will only explode again on another natural 10).

For instance, if you roll a natural 1, then roll a natural 2 on the exploding die, you'd have a result of -3 on the explosion. Meaning that your final result would be: 1(first roll)-3(exploding dice)+skill+stat.

Damage calculations are just 1dx+y*z. Where X and Y are defined by the weapon(usually there is no Y), and Z is a multiplier for strength(in melee) or bullet type(when ranged), then subtract armor.

Knowing that, you know most of the game already.

Combat Rules

Initiative is rolled per round, consisting of a 1d10+Dex roll if no other modifiers are present(for instance, Fast Reaction Time).

In melee combat, you get one attack and one parry/dodge(vs melee attacks) per round.

In ranged combat, you get one attack for free.

Your multi-action penalty is equal to the number of actions taken beyond your number of free actions, and is also applied to your free actions. The exception is melee dodging/parrying done after your own turn, there are no retroactive penalties.

Dodges aren't rolled, and instead increase the TN to hit you(against attacks you choose to dodge) by (Dodge+Dex)/2, rounded up.

Hit Location Diagram
1 Head/Neck
2 Right Arm
3 Left Arm
4-6 Torso
7-8 Right Leg
9-10 Left Leg

Combat Details

Ranged attacks can be Aimed, which eats up a full round of actions and prompts a 1d10+(Weapon Skill)+Perception roll. If this roll succeeds, it grants +1 to hit, and a further +1 per 2 points over 9. So a roll of 13 would be a +3, to the next ranged attack, if it's made in the next round and nothing interrupts the character's aim(for instance, having to dive for cover, getting kicked off a cliff, getting flashbanged, etc.).

Automatic firearms also have access to some special fire options:

Bursts use 3 shots, and rather than getting bonus damage for high rolls, land an additional hit for every 2 points rolled above 9, up to a maximum of three. Bursts add a cumulative action penalty of -3 rather than -2.

Rock 'n' Roll uses 10 shots and work like bursts, except with a higher number of bullets that can hit. Rock 'n' Roll attacks add a cumulative action penalty of -4 rather than -2.

Suppressive Fire takes up the entire weapon's magazine(or 50 shots for large, belt-fed weapons), and sweeps an area the size of a street, hitting anyone there who doesn't dive for cover with 1d4 shots automatically. Diving for cover doesn't require a dodge roll, but does result in the -4 penalty that dodging firearm attacks always do.

Aimed attacks can target body parts, occasionally because you want to disarm someone without(or before) killing them, or sometimes because they have squishy, unarmoured parts in between all their armor. -4 penalty for aiming for the head, -2 for aiming for the arms/legs, -4 penalty for aiming for a hand or foot. Doing more than 15 damage to a human limb with a single attack cripples it, at least temporarily, or perhaps severs it. Headshots do double damage. Non-aimed attacks roll a d10 to randomly determine hit location.

House Rules

Essence is a combined willpower/sanity stat. In the base game it was mostly used for tracking sanity and to power magical/psionic abilities. Since there are no magical abilities in Florida(or are there…? There may be meth wizards and PCP sorcerers. Or there may not be), Essence now has a secondary purpose: Whenever a roll involving Dexterity, Intelligence, Willpower or Perception is made, two Essence points can be spent to add +1 to the roll, up to a maximum of the Skill+Stat modifier for the roll. If no points were spent before the roll, they may instead be spent after the roll, with the same upper limit, but a cost of three Essence points per +1. Essence is recovered when a character has a chance to properly rest and recover, with sufficient food and water to keep them healthy and unstressed.

Endurance Points are basically your "stun" hit points. In the base game their main purpose is to measure when you fall over from exhaustion rather than death, but there are precious few ways to lose endurance points. So they now have a secondary purpose: They function and recover like Essence, but are used for rolls involving Strength and Constitution instead. Keep in mind that Endurance Points will still be used on the off chance that someone tries to take you down non-lethally, so running on fumes can be dangerous.

Radiation: Being exposed to radiation gains you "rads." For every 20 "rads," you temporarily lose a point of Constitution or Strength(highest first, if they're even, it's randomly decided), if radiation reduces your Str and Con to 0, you die. If you have rads equal to your permanent Constitution*20, you're at risk of mutating. Most mutations are minor and cosmetic(extra fingers, eyes or toes are common), some are minor and helpful(extra limbs) and some are extreme. Rads will very slowly leech away on their own, but otherwise require medical treatment to purge.

Useful Links

Killr Employment and News App

Player Characters

Baboon, Geremy
Beau, Sanev
Suplex Satan Raul Grande, Ferret
Doctor Borakkis, Issyl
Graffitiskater, Zeplin


Your point total is 20 for attributes, 5 for perks/advantages and 35 for skills, there are no disadvantages to take. You can also take zero, one or two Traits, which have both upsides and downsides. When buying skills and stats, any point above 5 costs extra. For stats the cost is tripled, for skills the cost is doubled. Characters start with 0 in all stats until points are invested in them.

All characters start with 5 points worth of mutations and 15 points worth of gear. Mutation and gear costs will be listed on their own pages under "Useful Links."

House Rules

Calculating Life Points, Endurance Points and Essence.

Life points are now: (Con*6)+(Str*2)+10.

Endurance is now: (Con+Str)*6

Essence is now: Int+Per+(Will*4)

Running out of Life Points kills you, running out of Endurance knocks you out, running out of Essence leaves you listless and unmotivated.

Skill List

The most commonly-used stats or stats associated with a skill are listed next to it. Perception can be used with most skills as well, for judging uses of the skill(Perception+Craft, for instance, to judge how well good someone else's handiwork is). Some skills require that a subtype be picked, a specialization, and if you want to be capable with other specializations, you need to purchase the skill again for them. These skills are marked with an asterisk(*). If you're unsure of how broad or specific a skill specialization needs to be, ask.

Big Guns(Str/Dex)
Melee Weapon(Str/Dex)*
Sleight of Hand(Dex)
Smooth Talking(Int/Will)


Acute Sense(2 Points): Pick a sense, you get +3 to any perception rolls involving it.
Adrenaline Rush(1 point): If your total life points is under half your maximum, or if one of your limbs is reduced to 0 life points, gain +2 to Str, Dex and Con until the danger passes.
Animal Friend(3 Points): Animals will not attack on sight, +3 to any rolls to train or pacify animals.
Artistic Talent(2 Points): Pick an art, you get +3 to any rolls involving it, and +12 Essence.
Berserker(3 points): In any given round of combat, you may spend 10 Endurance to enter a berserker rage for the round. Rather than being able to make one unpenalized melee attack per round, you can now make two attacks without any multiple-action penalties(if wielding one single-handed or two-handed weapon), or two unpenalized attacks with the weapon in your main hand, and one with the weapon in your off hand(if dual-wielding).
Bloody Mess(1 Point): Killed enemies tend to suffer bizarrely graphic and occasionally cartoonish consequences. The penalty to hit an enemy's head or limbs is also reduced by 1.
Cannibal(1 Point): Knows how to prepare human flesh for safe consumption. Also likes the taste of human flesh.
Fast Reaction Time(2 Points): +2 to initiative rolls.
Hard to Kill(1 to 5 Points): +3 Life Points per point of Hard to Kill.
Iron Fist(3 points): For every 3 points invested, adds +1 damage to unarmed attacks, applied before the strength modifier.
Martyr(5 points): By some twist of freakish luck, fate spares you a death from your own explosive weapons. They may knock you unconscious, they may cripple your limbs, they may even blow off a few digits, but they'll never reduce you to below 0 Life Points(at which point you're unconscious, but assumed to be stabilized).
Masochist(1 points): Fully recover all spent Endurance and Essence whenever one of your limbs is crippled or severed.
Matter Over Mind(3 points): You can spend 4 Essence to replace a mental(Int, Wis, Per) stat with your Strength or Constitution for one roll.
Mind Over Matter(3 points): You can spend 4 Essence to replace a physical(Str, Con) stat with your Intelligence, Perception or Willpower for one roll.
Pack Mule(2 points): Can carry three extra full reloads for any of their own weapons, or any of their teammates' weapons.
Pyromaniac(5 points): +50% damage with any fire-based weapon(molotov cocktails, flamethrowers, flare guns, etc.)
Resistance(2 Points): Develop a resistance to Pain, Poison or Radiation. Pain Resistance has no penalties from being injured, Poison resistance has a +2 to resist the effects of poison, Radiation resistance halves the effects of radiation and makes you immune to radiation mutations.
Sadist(2 points): Gain 3 Essence and Endurance whenever you cripple or sever an enemy's limb or head.
Sniper(3 points): Double bonus from aiming before making a ranged attack.
Situational Awareness(2 Points): +2 to any perception roll to detect sneaking enemies or danger.
Swift Hands(1 point): Reloading your weapon in combat is a free action.
Unnatural Luck(5 points): Spend 5 Essence to reroll a single check or damage roll(can also be used to reroll attacks made against you), picking whichever result is preferred.
Veteran(3 points): At some point you suffered a terrible accident resulting in a near-fatal head injury. You now have a metal plate in your head patching up your skull. This adds 6 points of armor(cumulative with any helmets) to any attacks that hit your head. It may also have other effects.


Bruiser: +1 Strength, -5 penalty to initiative
Built to Destroy: +1 to hit with all attacks, on a natural 1 on any attack, the used weapon breaks and will need repairs
Claustrophobia: +1 to all skills while wearing no armor, -1 to all skills while wearing armor.
Fast Shot: +3 Initiative, aimed shots suffer double the normal to-hit penalty.
Florida Man: Drugs have double the positive effect, but withdrawals have twice the negative effect.
Gifted: +1 to all stats, all skills start at -2 rather than 0
Kamikaze: +5 to Initiative, -1 to Constitution
One In A Million: When rolling a natural 1 or 10, assume that the first exploding die is another 1 or 10. For every further "explosion," roll twice, and take the worst/best result as appropriate.
Primitive Champion: +2 to hit with bows, crossbows and non-powered melee weapons. -2 to hit with firearms, energy weapons and powered melee weapons.
Skilled: +5 skill points, no Perk/Quality points
Small Frame: Enemies have a -2 to all attack rolls against you, -1 Strength and Constitution
Unidexterous: The player has a very dominant "main" hand. When using a one-handed weapon in only that hand, gain a +2 to hit, when using a two-handed weapon, or a one-handed weapon in the "off" hand, suffer a -2 to hit.
Unstable Genetics: It takes only half as many rads as usual to make you mutate.

Character Advancement

Skills cost as many points of XP as the rank you're increasing them to(3 XP to go from 2 to 3, 4 XP to go to from 3 to 4. Etc.). An entirely new skill is 6XP

Attributes can only be increased by 1 point from their chargen level through XP, the cost is 3*Attribute XP if the attribute is less than 5, 10*Attribute XP if it's 5 or more.

Perks cost twice their perk cost in XP.

Augmentations and equipment are bought with corporate gift cards, with equipment bought 1:1 and augmentations bought at a 10:1 ratio.

Current XP Total: 10

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