Ted Roosevelt

Ted Roosevelt

Age: 26
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 175 lbs.
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Description: Ted is an unassuming fellow without much in the way of distinguishing features aside from the assortment of simple tools he carries on his person. If you ever need a spare wrench or the like, he's liable to have one. He is normally somber, although his face lights up quite a bit when dealing with his passion for most things mechanical.
Background: In spite of his name, Ted is a far cry from the bombastic personality of the figure from American history, whom he probably is not related to. He thinks over his words carefully before speaking and is generally somewhat reserved when not talking about his area of expertise.

He grew up with a normal enough life (his family is still alive and he occasionally sends messages home to check in on them). Graduating with an engineering degree and good grades, he seemed poised to hold a much safer position that did not involve direct combat action when he joined the military. However, a lack of pilots led him to volunteer to take up the role out of a general sense of patriotism. Due to his background and skills, he gets along well with the repair crews and tends to spend his spare time chatting with them.



Body 4
Mind 6
Soul 5

Derived Values

ACV1 5 // -
DCV2 5 - //
DM3 5
HP4 45
EP5 55
SV6 9

Attributes, Skills, and Defects

Attribute Level Effect
Features (various tools) 1 Ted has an assortment of simple mechanical tools on hand most of the time.
Ranged Defense (energy weapons) 1 +1 to DCV against energy weapons (Ted is good at identifying when one is charging).
Combat Technique (judge opponent) 1 Ted may gauge his opponent's approximate combat values and remaining health.
Combat Technique (precise aim) 1 Increase the slight (+1) bonus associated with Aim and Wait for an Opening tactical actions to a significant (+3) bonus. This new bonus may accumulate for a maximum of two consecutive rounds.
Combat Technique (weapons encyclopaedia) 1 Ted has an extensive knowledge of known military hardware and need not roll to recall statistics and interesting quirks of non-classified weaponry.
Skill Level Relevant Stat Stat
Languages (English, Vasudan) 1 Mind 6
Etiquette (Vasudan) 1 Mind 6
Foreign Culture (Vasudan) 1 Mind 6
Computers (artificial intelligence) 2 Mind 6
Mechanics (aeronautical) 3 Mind (sometimes Body) 6 (4)
Electronics (robotics) 3 Mind 6
Demolitions (artificial structures) 2 Body or Mind 4 or 6
Physical Sciences (engineering) 2 Mind 6
Military Sciences (hardware recognition) 2 Mind 6
Navigation (which way was the base?) 1 Mind 6
Piloting (defensive maneuvers) 3 Average of Body and Mind 5
Stealth (concealment) 1 Body (sometimes Mind) 4 (6)


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