Terrence Hillson


Some people join the military because they want to kill people, while others see it as the path to something better. Terrence Hillson, born and raised in the US South's Black Belt, was one of those people looking for something greater. He was the type of person who was generally good at sports and his grades in school; coming from a poor family he was used to having to keep himself busy and did it with books and the outdoors. He couldn't afford university to fulfill his dream, though, so he joined the army, hoping to simply be in for a few years, get out, and use the GI bill to go to university. Unfortunately- for him, he ended up spending those next few years in China and Canada, fighting the communists for his country. Something he felt… mixed feelings about

With his tour of duty ended, Terrence managed to get into a Historically Black College in Northern Florida to pursue his dream of teaching history. Unfortunately for him again, he had signed up for an experimental cryogenics experiment…

12 rads


Will 3
Dex 4
Int 3
Per 3
Con 5
Str 5

Life 44/44
End 54/54
Ess 16


Machete: 1d6*Str Damage, *2 after armor
.22 SMG: 1d4*2 Damage, *2 after armor. 50 Rounds


Dodge(Dex) 3
Athletics(Str/Dex/Con) 2
Brawling(Str/Dex) 3
Charisma(Int/Will) 2
Demolitions(Int) 2
Doctor(Int/Dex) 1
Driving(Land Vehicles)(Dex) 1
Guns(Automatic Firearms)(Dex/Per)* 4
Intimidation(Int/Will) 1
Knowledge(History)(Int)* 4
Mechanic(Dex/Int/Per) 1
Melee Weapon(Bayonets/Spears)(Str/Dex)* 3
Melee(One handed Long Knives)(Str/Dex) *2
Notice(Per) 2
Science(Int) 2
Stealth(Dex/Int/Per) 1
Survival(Int/Will) 2
Teaching(Int/Will) 2


Pain Resistance
Adrenaline Rush
Swift Hands
Hard to Kill 1


Built to Destroy
Fast Shot

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